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Treasure Goblin
Treasure Goblin (Joostmod).png
AI TypeTreasure Goblin AI
Max Life1500 / 3000
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused
BannerJoostmod/Treasure Goblin BannerTreasure Goblin Banner

The Treasure Goblin is a rare Hardmode enemy. It spawns stationary, but will run away from players once attacked. While fleeing, it will run up walls and occasionally drop coins. If the Treasure Goblin finds itself stuck, it will open a portal to escape from.

It can be detected with the Lifeform Analyzer. The goblin also appears on the minimap.


  • It now drops the legendary stones at 1% chance each, rather than a 1% chance to drop one of the stones used
  • Instead of going through tiles, the Treasure Goblin opens a portal to escape into when stuck.
  • 0.8: In expert mode, it now has a 1% chance to drop one of the legendary stones used for most of the Legendary Weapons, and a 1% chance to drop one of the stones used for Uncle Carius's Fishing Pole
  • Now guaranteed to drop something in addition to coins. It has a chance to drop the PDA and an increased chance to drop a biome key. The goblin will phase through tiles if it gets stuck.
  • Nerfed the amount of coins dropped on death.
  • Now has a finite number of coins it can drop while running.
  • Introduced.


Treasure goblins are enemies in Diablo 3

6 of the items dropped by this enemy are all items and skills used in Diablo 3

and 2.