Stone of Overgrowth
TypeCrafting material
Dimensions2 wide × 2 high

The Stone of Overgrowth is a material for the Legendary Weapons. It is found in the Underground Jungle above the Cavern layer. When in the player's inventory or nearby when placed it will grant the Swiftness buff. It can also be very, very rarely fished up in the Jungle biome.

Stone of Overgrowth Ministructure (Joostmod).png
Structure that the Stone of Overgrowth is found in


Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Boook's Bullet Hell (Joostmod).png Boook's Bullet Hell
Shrine of Legends (Joostmod).png Shrine of Legends
Staff of David (Joostmod).png
Staff of David
Staff of David
Gnunderson's Glove (Joostmod).png Gnunderson's Glove
Warhammer of Grognak (Joostmod).png
Warhammer of Grognak
Warhammer of Grognak
Larkus's Tome (Joostmod).png Larkus's Tome


  • 0.7.2: Introduced.
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