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Roc Wings
  • Roc Wings item sprite
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TooltipAllows short flight and gliding

Hold UP while not flying or using an item to glide

Hold left or right to angle your glide
RarityRarity level: 3

Nice work groundin' that bird. Here, you should use these wings. What're ya givin' me that look fer? Just strap 'em to your back, I'm sure it'll work!

Joostmod/Hunt MasterHunt Master

The Roc Wings are an accessory obtained by completing the Roc quest from the Hunt Master. When equipped, it provide the following bonuses:

  • 0.5 seconds of flight time.
  • Modest acceleration and speed.
  • Holding UP when you run out of flight time while not using an item lets you glide.
    • Pressing the left or right keys while gliding lets you rotate the angle of your glide.
    • Gliding speed is slowed down when you're aiming upwards.
    • Gliding speed is accelerated when you're aiming downwards.


  • If used correctly, this accessory can be beneficial for mobility early on for travelling the world much faster, and making quick dodges, provided the player has some experience with the gliding effect.

Joostmod/Hunt MasterHunt Master

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