Hunts are unique minibosses part of quests from the Hunt Master. Each of them can only be fought once per world; if the quest item they drop is lost, the player will not be able to receive the reward and the hunt master will move onto the next quest. Hunts will only spawn in their respective zones when the quest is active. The quest is activated when the red text, (Hunt Name) The Hunt Begins! appears in chat. If the Hunt Master gives the dialogue for the quest but the announcement does not appear, it may already be active. If the world is exited, the quest will deactivate and the player will have to accept it again.

All hunts appear on the mini map when they spawn. Hunts do not despawn unless the world is exited, but they will rapidly regenerate life when there are no players nearby.

All Hunts have a 1% chance to drop the Stone of Evil in Expert Mode.

Pinkzor (Joostmod).png Pinkzor Rogue Tomato (Joostmod).png Rogue Tomato
Forest's Vengeance (Joostmod).png
Joostmod/Forest's Vengeance
Forest's Vengeance
Flowering Cactoid (Joostmod).png
Joostmod/Flowering Cactoid
Flowering Cactoid
ICU (Joostmod).png
Spore Mother (Joostmod).png Spore Mother
Roc (Joostmod).png
Skeleton Demolitionist (Joostmod).png Skeleton Demolitionist Imp Lord (Joostmod).png Imp Lord

Hardmode Hunts

Storm Wyvern (Joostmod).png
Joostmod/Storm Wyvern
Storm Wyvern


  • 0.9: Added the Storm Wyvern. Reworked system to allow multiple hunts active at once.
  • 0.7.1: Added the Imp Lord.
  • Fixed hunts not spawning in multiplayer.
  • Increased all spawn rates. Fixed a bug where some hunts could spawn underground.
  • 0.7: Introduced.

Hunt Master (Joostmod).png Hunt Master

Pinkzor • Rogue Tomato • Forest's Vengeance • Flowering Cactoid • ICU • Spore Mother • Roc • Skeleton Demolitionist • Imp Lord • Storm Wyvern •
Quest Items
Congealed Pink Gel • Tomato Head -Quest- • Strange Seed • Slime King's Jewel • Cactoid Flower • Tooth of Eye of Cthulhu • Quad-retina Eye • Jaws of the Eater of Worlds • Eye of Heart of Brain of Cthulhu • Spore Core • Royal Antenna • Large Wings • Big Bone • Clogged Cannon • Head of the Grand Cactus Worm • Large Imp Tail • Ball of Flesh • Storm Wyvern Soul •
Gooey Glove • Tomato Head • Sapling • Fire Flinger • Cactoid Commendation • Eyeball Staff • Observant Staff • Corrupt Pommel • Crimson Pommel • Sporgan • The Hive • Roc Wings • Bonesaw • Doom Cannon • Cactus Boots • Tail Whip • Shield of Flesh • Scroll of the Storm •

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