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This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.
Hunt Master
Hunt Master (Joostmod).png
AI TypePassive AI
Max Life250
KB Resist30%

The Huntmaster is a town NPC that gives quests to defeat Hunts and Bosses in pre-hardmode. He will attack by throwing Poisoned Knives at enemies. He will spawn as soon as the Pinkzor is slain. He will move in like normal after this.


Target Hunt Target Item Quest Accept Quote Completion Quote Rewards
Joostmod/PinkzorPinkzor Joostmod/Congealed Pink GelCongealed Pink Gel N/A "'Ello there! My name's [Name of Hunt Master], I'm the Hunt Master. I seek out unique monsters and take 'em down before they can take us down. Thanks for helpin' me outta that slime; it got the jump on me. How about ya do some work for me? I'll let ya know if there's a creep needin' huntin' and I'll pay if ya bring back proof of it's death. Here's somethin' for helpin' out with that big pink slime" Joostmod/Gooey GloveGooey Glove
Joostmod/Rogue TomatoRogue Tomato Joostmod/Tomato Head -Quest-Tomato Head -Quest- "I saw this tomato monster thing runnin' around. It shouldn't be too hard, I've fought slimes nastier than this thing. It's nastier than that big pink slime from earlier, but there's nastier slimes out there is what I'm sayin'. Anyways, it tends to bury itself, but the top of it will stick up on the surface durin' daytime" "Ya got that tomato? Hand it over here. ERGH, its head is still movin'! Here, uh, you can keep it." Joostmod/Tomato HeadTomato Head
Joostmod/Forest's VengeanceForest's Vengeance Joostmod/Strange SeedStrange Seed "Well, turns out ya angered some kind of ancient forest guardian by chopping down trees fer wood. As long as ya replant them it's fine! It'll be somewhere in the forest" "Nice work with that tree monster! Whuzzat ya got there? Some kinda seed? It looks to be moving... Oh! It just sprouted a little baby tree guy! He's cute, here ya take care of him, okay?" Joostmod/SaplingSapling
King SlimeKing Slime Joostmod/Slime King's JewelSlime King's Jewel "Ya know how I said there are slimes nastier than that tomato? This is one of 'em. The King of slimes 'imself! He'll be found rarely nearish to the ocean. He will also show up if it starts rainin' slimes. He can also be summoned with a Slime Crown" "Good job takin' down the slime king! Here's something fer ya troubles." Joostmod/Fire FlingerFire Flinger
100 GelGel
Slime StaffSlime Staff
Life CrystalLife Crystal
Joostmod/Flowering CactoidFlowering Cactoid Joostmod/Cactoid FlowerCactoid Flower "Ya know those Cactoid things in the desert? Well they got a leader now. I'm pretty sure it's conspiring to destroy us all! Find it and slay it!" "Good job taking down the Cactoid! Hmm, there seems to be some kinda badge in the flower. Here, you take it" Joostmod/Cactoid CommendationCactoid Commendation
Eye of CthulhuEye of Cthulhu Joostmod/Tooth of Eye of CthulhuTooth of Eye of Cthulhu "Do ya feel that evil presence watching us? That's because it's a GIANT FRICKIN' EYEBALL! This thing might show up at night, otherwise use a Suspicious Looking Eye" "Good job taking down the Eyeball with a mouth! Here, take this." Joostmod/Eyeball StaffEyeball Staff
Life CrystalLife Crystal
Mana CrystalMana Crystal
Joostmod/ICUICU Joostmod/Quad-retina EyeQuad-retina Eye "There are far too many eye monsters in this world. I saw one that was four of 'em at once amalgamated together! It saw me too, of course, so I started thrown' my knives at it when it started shootin' lasers! I promptly went back indoors. It'll roam around at night, if it's nearby I'll help ya' out." "This thing is frickin' disgusting. EERUGUHUH! It blinked!" Joostmod/Observant StaffObservant Staff
2 LensLens
2 Black LensBlack Lens
Eater of WorldsEater of Worlds Joostmod/Jaws of the Eater of WorldsJaws of the Eater of Worlds "Ya know those chasms in the corruption? Well deep inside there are these shadow orbs. Legend has it that if you smash three of them they summons an ancient evil! Summon and then slay this evil! You can also use Worm food to summon it too." "Good job taking down the Eater of Worlds! Good thing it doesn't actually eat worlds!" Joostmod/Corrupt PommelCorrupt Pommel
Life CrystalLife Crystal
Mana CrystalMana Crystal
Brain of CthulhuBrain of Cthulhu Joostmod/Eye of Heart of Brain of CthulhuEye of Heart of Brain of Cthulhu "Ya know those caverns in the crimson? Well deep inside there are these demonic heart things. Legend has it that if you destroy three of them they summons an ancient evil! Summon and then slay this evil! You can also use a Bloody Spine to summon it too." "Good job taking down the Brain Of Cthulhu! Strange how it also had a heart in it." Joostmod/Crimson PommelCrimson Pommel
Life CrystalLife Crystal
Mana CrystalMana Crystal
Joostmod/Spore MotherSpore Mother Joostmod/Spore CoreSpore Core "Ya know those spores in the unnerground jungle? Well I saw what seems to be where they come from! It's this big angry plant thing with some kinda shell. Go to the unnerground jungle and kill it!" "Good job takin' it down! Looks like some kinda, uh, organ in here that creates the spores. You take it" Joostmod/SporganSporgan
20 Jungle SporesJungle Spores
Queen BeeQueen Bee Joostmod/Royal AntennaRoyal Antenna "While down in the jungle ya may have come across one of those giant beehives. Turns out, each of 'em gots a giant Queen! Take it down before it kills us all! It can be summoned by killin' the larva within the hive or with an Abeemination" "Good job takin' down the Queen o' Bees! Here's take, uh, this special flail! It's not just a hive stuck to a handle together with honey!" Joostmod/The HiveThe Hive
Honeyed GogglesHoneyed Goggles
Life CrystalLife Crystal
Mana CrystalMana Crystal
Joostmod/RocRoc Joostmod/Large WingsLarge Wings "I was climbin' up a mountain when a giant frickin' bird swooped down and grabbed me! I struggled meself out of it's talons and fell into a nearby pond. That thing is vicious! Ascend towards the heavens and slay this oversized chicken!" "Nice work groundin' that bird. Here, you should use these wings. What're ya givin' me that look fer? Just strap 'em to your back, I'm sure it'll work!" Joostmod/Roc WingsRoc Wings
20 FeatherFeather
SkeletronSkeletron Joostmod/Big BoneBig Bone "That old man outside the dungeon said he was cursed! Apparantly his master can be summoned at night and defeating him will lift the curse. The old man told me I'd only get meself killed, but I think that yer strong enough now to do it." "Good job decursin' that old man! I'm sure he much appreciates it. Here, take this before going down into that skeleton infested dungeon." Joostmod/BonesawBonesaw
20 BoneBone
Life CrystalLife Crystal
Mana CrystalMana Crystal
Joostmod/Skeleton DemolitionistSkeleton Demolitionist Joostmod/Clogged CannonClogged Cannon "There's all sorts of dangerous things in the dungeon, but currently it seems the biggest danger is a demolitions skeleton! It plants landmines, throws grenades, and even has a giant cannon of doom! Take it out before it uses that cannon to destroy us all! Also, watch yer step." "Damn, that thing is huge! Hang on, it's jammed. *POP* There we go! Here, try not get us all killed." Joostmod/Doom CannonDoom Cannon
20 GrenadeGrenade
3 Land MineLand Mine
Joostmod/Alpha Cactus WormAlpha Cactus Worm
Grand Cactus Worm (Joostmod)Grand Cactus Worm (Joostmod)
Joostmod/Head of the Grand Cactus WormHead of the Grand Cactus Worm "Ya know those cactus worms? They're the most delicious kind of cactus! Anyways, there seems to be some huge one in the underground desert. You ought to use that cannon to clear out a large enough space to fight it, it's gonna be mighty nasty when you wake it up!" "Hang on here, so you killed the big cacto worm, and then an even BIGGER one showed up after? Jegus, you should be glad you weren't killed too hard! Anyways, it seems there's less cactus worms now that you killed their leader. I think the cactus people will finally be able to move back into the desert now! Ya better make a house for them." Joostmod/Cactus BootsCactus Boots
Life CrystalLife Crystal
Mana CrystalMana Crystal
Joostmod/Imp LordImp Lord Joostmod/Large Imp TailLarge Imp Tail "Go to hell! Literally! Dig down until ya find yerself surrounded by lava and demons! Among those demons are fire imps: little teleportin' buggers that shoot fire! They have a leader with wings that's especially dangerous. Watch out for his giant fire blast attack! Ya can reflect it back at him but if you fail to it hurts a lot!" "Good job taking down the Imp Lord! Here, ya can use the tail as a whip or somethin'" Joostmod/Tail WhipTail Whip
15 Fireblossom SeedsFireblossom Seeds
Wall of FleshWall of Flesh Joostmod/Ball of FleshBall of Flesh "I think it's time for ya to fight what may be the nastiest creature ever: the Wall o' Flesh! This horrific monstrosity is summoned by sacrificin' a special doll into the magma of hell. Ya will find the doll carried by some of the demons down there. Be well prepared for this one." "Ya did it! Fantasic! But it turns out defeating the Wall o' Flesh released the ancient spirits of light and dark into the world. All sorts of nasties will appear as a result of that. Keep yer eyes peeled." Joostmod/Shield of FleshShield of Flesh
Life CrystalLife Crystal
Mana CrystalMana Crystal
Joostmod/Storm WyvernStorm Wyvern Joostmod/Storm Wyvern SoulStorm Wyvern Soul "Ya know those flying wolf-snake things? What were they called again? Lindwurms? Whatever they're called, I noticed a particularly nasty-lookin' one fly over last it rained. What's nasty 'bout it? It shot a freakin' LIGHTNIN' bolt outta it's mouth! That this is too dangerous to be left roamin' free! When it rains, take to the skies and take it down! But important tip before ya go! When it turns yellow that means it's a chargin'. When that happens: TAKE COVER. Ya may think yer fast, but ya ain't gonna dodge a lightnin' bolt!" "Good job grounding that, uh, flying wolf-snake. Wyrm? Whatever, here's ya reward. Whuzzat? They're called wyverns? Naw, that don't sound right." Joostmod/Scroll of the StormScroll of the Storm
20 Soul of FlightSoul of Flight


The Huntmaster may have any of the following names:

  • Bodega
  • Dantro
  • Dave
  • Joost
  • Josh
  • Montblanc
  • Saph
  • Tomaj


  • "Be on the lookout fer Tim while yer underground. He tends to target people who dress in gem robes."
  • "Ya ever had deep fried slime? That stuff's great!"
  • "Every now an' then, I get the feelin' somethin's tryin' to hunt me."
  • "Where do all these slimes come from? How the hell do they even reproduce? Whaddya mean they come from the sky!?"
  • "Hunting monsters is a surprisingly great source of revenue, where do they get all this money from anyways?"
  • "Where do demon eyes come from? I've seen demons, their eyes ain't that big!"
  • "I could really go for some chicken right now."

During Hardmode and Expert Mode:

  • "Expert mode, Hardmode, Hardcore; it's all so confusin'!"

During a Blood Moon:

  • "Never gunna run out of things to kill tonight!"
  • "Where do all these zombies come from anyways?"
  • "Somethin' 'bout this eclipse makes the monsters go nuts."
  • "How come zombies can open doors tonight but not other nights?"

During a Solar Eclipse:

  • "These are some pretty unique monsters out tonig- er, today!"
  • "All sorts of loot is bound to be found from these monsters!"
  • "Today seems like it would make a good horror movie."
  • "What's with the moon causing monsters to show up?"

During a Blood Moon or a Solar Eclipse:

  • "All these creeps runnin' amok sure makes one stressful."

When in a Snow Biome:

  • "Yeah, I know I'm not wearin' a shirt. The cold never bothered me anyways."


  • The name "Joost" is a reference to the mod creator, Joost8910.


  • 0.7: Introduced.

Joostmod/Hunt MasterHunt Master

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