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Forest's Vengeance
Forest's Vengeance (Joostmod).png
TypeFlying Enemy
AI TypeForest's Vengeance AI
Damage16 / 32 (Melee)
14 / 28 (Leaves)
40 / 80 (Roots)
Max Life800 / 1120
KB Resist99 / 100%
Immune toConfused

Well, turns out ya angered some kind of ancient forest guardian by chopping down trees fer wood.

Joostmod/Hunt MasterHunt Master

The Forest's Vengeance is a Hunt found in the forest. When aggroed, it will fly towards the player.

The first of it's main attacks is stopping and summoning two leaves that orbit it and travel away from it; this may continue multiple times but will stop if the player gets too close.

The second attack consists of it flying above the player for a bit before dropping straight down. When it hits a solid tile, multiple roots will sprout from the ground. These will shoot upwards and deal a large amount of damage on contact, so be careful to stay in between them.


  • 0.7: Introduced.

Joostmod/Hunt MasterHunt Master

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