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The World is a powerful close ranged Stand with a power that rivals Star Platinum. It's MUDA MUDA MUDA Rush and Throwing Knives attacks lacks in comparison to it's signature ability, the Time Stop in which he can set up his Knives or launch a Road Roller at any enemy that dares to cross it's path.


The World (Tier 1):[]

  • Damage: 19
  • Punch Speed: 11
  • Alt Attack: None
  • Special: None

The World (Tier 2):[]

  • Damage: 42
  • Punch Speed: 10
  • Alt Attack: None
  • Special: Time Stop (2s)

The World (Tier 3):[]

  • Damage: 70
  • Punch Speed: 9
  • Alt Attack: Throw Knives
  • Special: Time Stop (5s)

The World (Final)[]

  • Damage: 87
  • Punch Speed: 8
  • Alt Attack: Throw Knives
  • Special: Time Stop (9s), Road Roller

The World (Tier 1) (JoJoStands).png


"...Get that thing away from me... Well, I guess I could tell you a bit about it, considering it's the same type of stand as my Star Platinum, but I won't enjoy it.
In its first tier, I would guess that The World would just be able to punch, like Star Platinum, while getting stronger and faster in its second. Talk to me again when it's a bit stronger."
© Jotaro, the Marine Biologist

The World Barrage (demo) (JoJoStands).gif
The World's basic attack. The World sends a flurry of punches at high speeds.

Tier 1 Ability

Alternative Attack: Throw Knives[]

"Now that The World is at its third tier, The World can to throw deadly knives. I'm pretty sure those monsters outside aren't smart enough to hide Shonen Jump underneath their clothes, so the knives are pretty effective." © Jotaro, the Marine Biologist

The World Knife Throw (demo) (JoJoStands).gif

You gain the ability to throw deadly Hunter Knives with The World. Combine this move with Time Stop in order to launch a surprise attack.

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Hunter's KnifeHunter's Knife (75)

Unlocks at Tier 3

Special Ability: Time Stop[]

"Now that your The World got a bit stronger, I would assume that it learned its signature ability Time Stop, although I'm not sure why it doesn't learn it sooner. Use your special key to activate it." © Jotaro, the Marine Biologist

The World Time Stop (demo) (JoJoStands).gif

The World's most powerful and signature ability, The World is able to stop time for 9 seconds where only the user can move within it and deal damage, unless there's another user with the same ability...

Unlocks at Tier 2

Special Ability: Road Roller[]

"Now this is The World I remember. You have fully learned The World's extents, and can now stop time for 9 seconds while throwing flurrys of knives at your enemies. You can even throw Road Rollers at your enemies while time is stopped too! Do me a favor and stay away from me." © Jotaro, the Marine Biologist

The World Road Roller (demo) (JoJoStands).gif

When you press the Special Ability Key while time is stopped, you will aim it at the mouse's position. The more you punch the road roller, the higher the damage inflicted upon the poor soul who comes in contact with it...

Unlocks at Tier 4