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Test Stand[]

Test Stand (JoJoStands).png

  • Damage: 70
  • Punch Speed: Existent.
  • Alt attack: None
  • Special: Time Stop


  • Time Stop

Similarly to The World and Star Platinum Test Stand is able to stop time for 30 seconds stopping everything in the world except the user and the stand.

  • Road roller

Similarly to The World, pressing the special ability key during stopped time would summon a road roller that can be punched to charge up a huge quantity of damage.


  • Test Stand is the only unobtainable stand in the mod, it can only be used by those who are deemed worthy.
  • This stand is largely similar to The World


  • Test Stand can only be obtained through inventory editing mods like Cheat Sheet or HERO's Mod
  • It is the only stand that has a requirement to be summoned
  • If the requirement isn't met you will receive the message "You are not worthy."
  • Test Stand has the longest Time Stop duration in the mod
  • To use the test stand, you must name your character "Test Shadow" (Without the quotations)