Stands are the main feature of the JojoStands mod. Stands allow the player to use a variety of abilities depending on which Stand is equipped. Each Stand has it's own set of abilities and can evolve into various tiers as you progress through the game. Evolution of a Stand unlocks new powers for that Stand or upgrades those that it already possesed.

Stand Stats

Stands have their own set of statistics as they are their own type of damage in the game. Stands can be equipped with Stand Accesories in order to enchance their powers. Stands count with Damage, Crit Chance, Attack Speed, Ability Cooldown, and Increased Player Defense. Take into account that some stats are more favourable for certain Stands than others.

How to get a Stand

There are four ways to get a Stand:

  • There's a small chance to spawn with a Stand upon creating a new player (Inheritance).
  • You can ask Jotaro the Marine Biologist for an Arrow Shard, which you use to stab yourself then wait an in-game day for it to wear off. Jotaro will give you as many Arrow Shards as you need until you get a Stand. After you get a Stand, he won't give you anymore Arrow Shards. If you die while under the effect of an Arrow Shard, the 10 minute effect will be reset.
  • Kill Skeletron for a Viral Meteorite to spawn, then use the ore to craft a Stand Arrow.
  • Buy stand from Priest in Hardmode

How to summon stand

1. Put the Stand in the Stando Slot
2. Bind a key to "Stando Out" in Controls
3. Press the "Stando Out" bind while the Stand is in the slot. A Stand takes up 1 minion slot.

Stand Slot (JoJoStands).gif

Stand Controls

1. Stand Out - G
2. Pose - V
3. Stand Auto Mode - L
4. Basic Attack - LMB
5. Alternative Attack - RMB
6. Special Ability - P
Do note that all of these keybinds can be changed using the mod configuration feature.

While your Stand is out, you are unable to use items such as a weapon or a pickaxe. However, items that can be used from a keybind such as a Grappling Hook or a Mount can still be used.

List of stands

Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Part 5: Vento Aureo

Part 6: Stone Ocean

Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Part 8: Jojolion

  • No Stands from Jojolion are present in the mod.


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