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Gold Experience Requiem[]
  • Damage: 169
  • Speed Punch: 9
  • Alt attack: Tree, Scorpion Rock, Death Loop, Limb Recreation.
  • Special: Return To Zero.


Gold Experience Requiem Tree (demo) (JoJoStands).gif

Basic Attack[]

GER performs a fast and strong barrage.

Primary Ability: Tree Creation

With this ability, you will be able to create 3 trees at the same time with a 10 second cooldown to create each one.

Secondary Ability: Scorpion Rock

You can create a scorpion every two seconds; they will hunt your enemies.

Third Ability: Death Loop

When you activate this ability, the next enemy killed will die nine times, if your enemy is a boss, it will die three times.

Fourth Ability: Revert To Zero

When you activate it, it's effect will last 19 seconds, if someone hurts you in those 19 seconds, they will come back at the exact moment they were at before they hit you.

Fifth Ability: Limb Recreation

Heals 50-80 health.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Gold Experience (Requiem)Gold Experience (Requiem)
JoJoStands/Remix TableRemix Table