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Aerosmith (Tier 1):[]

  • Damage: 10
  • Shoot Time: 12
  • Alt attack: None
  • Special: None
  • Passive: None

Aerosmith (Tier 2):[]

  • Damage: 42
  • Use Time: 10
  • Alt attack: Bomb
  • Special: None
  • Passive: None

Aerosmith (Tier 3):[]

  • Damage: 63
  • Use Time: 8
  • Alt attack: Bomb
  • Special: None
  • Passive: None

Aerosmith (Final):[]

  • Damage: 75
  • Use Time: 6
  • Alt attack: Bomb
  • Special: None
  • Passive: CO2 Radar


Primary Ability: Main Gun

"Aerosmith may appear to be nothing more than a model plane, but don't be fooled. It has potential to be extremely powerful and agile. Let loose a hellstorm of bullets and turn your foes into a pincushion." -- Jotaro the Marine Biologist

AeroSmith Basic Attack

Secondary Ability: Bomb

Unlocked at tier 2.

"Now, Aerosmith can drop bombs on your enemies. Light them up brighter than before!"

Aerosmith Bomb

Passive Ability: CO2 Radar

Unlocked at tier 3.

"With this, Aerosmith can now find enemies using a CO2 detecting radar. If it breathes, make sure it won't anymore."

Aerosmith Carbon Radar

Extra Info:[]

  • Aerosmith Tier 1- Tier 3 can't travel to space until Tier 4, when it gets coated in Martian Conduit Plating
  • Aerosmith's Radar can detect enemy players



ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Aerosmith (Tier 1)Aerosmith (Tier 1)
JoJoStands/Remix TableRemix Table
Aerosmith (Tier 2)Aerosmith (Tier 2)
Aerosmith (Tier 3)Aerosmith (Tier 3)
Aerosmith (Final Tier)Aerosmith (Final Tier)