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20th Century Boy is not a stand based on stats. It is a useful accessory stand that makes you invincible but at the cost of your movement.

The Stand's effects do not work on bosses.

20th Century Boy (Tier 1) (JoJoStands).png

20th Century Boy (Tier 1)[]

  • Alt attack: None
  • Special: Invincibility

20th Century Boy (Tier 2)[]

  • Alt attack: Dynamite
  • Special: Invincibility


Special Ability: Invincibility[]

"This Stand has no weaknesses, defensively. Century Boy is the ultimate physical defense - when you activate it, the stand mounts itself on your body and you are impervious to all harm. This does have one minor weakness... you lose the ability to move. Do with that what you will." © Jotaro, the Marine Biologist

20th Century Boy Invincibility (JoJoStands).gif
Tier 1 allows you to go invincible while holding the Stand Special bind at the cost of your movement.

Alternative Attack: Dynamite[]

"Looks like you learned that starting a dynamite then going invincible hurts your enemies and not you. What was stopping you from doing this earlier?" © Jotaro, the Marine Biologist

20th Century Boy Dynamite (JoJoStands).gif
Tier 2 has the same functions as Tier 1 but if the player has dynamite in their inventory, upon right-clicking an explosion will occur. This explosion doesn't destroy tiles.

Unlocks at Tier 2