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Viyilblud (Jetshift).png
Damage22 / 30
Max Life4,200 / 5,800
Defense15 / 21
KB Resist100%
Viyilblud Map Icon (Jetshift).png
Map Icon

Viyilblud is a pre-Hardmode boss in Jetshift that is fought in either biome of the world's evil.


Viyilblud does not spawn on its own and is only summoned with a Corrupted Shard, which is currently dropped from both vanilla evil biome bosses. It cannot be crafted.


Viyilblud chases after the player(s) at a slow speed when summoned, but will transition into a ramming stage where it will build up speed and dash vigorously. After this, it will fire Ichor streams, Cursed Flames and world-evil-amalgamated lasers. It will indefinitely loop this attack pattern until it dies, with an increased rate at lower HP values.

When Viyilblud dies, it's spikes will spin around rapidly for a short period of time. Shortly after, it will explode and drop loot.


  • While Viyilblud can only be summoned in the world's evil, taking Viyilblud outside the world's evil will have no effect on it's defense, speed or damage. This is to be changed in a future version.


  • Stay away from Viyilblud so that it is almost off-screen. This way, you can jump over his fastest dash attacks.
  • Staying above Viyilblud when it fires Ichor helps to avoid having your defense reduced.
  • When Viyilblud does it's Cursed Flame attack, it will attempt to hover above the player. Keep this in mind if you have a staircase or some sort of automated transportation in your arena.


  • Viyilblud's theme is Korupted Lend, which is composed by Shadow Figure.
  • This boss replaces a scrapped boss from an old version of the mod, known as "Collin, Master of Evil".
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