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Torva-mes, The Grim Reaper
Torva-mes, The Grim Reaper (Jetshift).png
AI TypeTorva-mes AI
Damage30 / 48
Max Life2,950 / 4,720
KB Resist100%
Torva-mes Map Icon (Jetshift).png
Map Icon

"Hell starts to break loose..."

Torva-mes, The Grim Reaper is a pre-Hardmode boss that is fought in The Underworld.


Torva-mes does not spawn on its own and requires a Cursed Rune in order to be summoned.


Torva-mes always aims straight for the player(s) and proceeds to dash into them at a fast pace whenever they get too close. Throughout the fight, it will summon Wraith Scythes in to battle at certain portions of HP. The Wraith Scythes attempt to dash into the player(s) while they're alive, and must be killed before Torva-mes can take more damage.

Below half it's max HP, Torva-mes will summon a fast, rebounding projectile, known as Slaughter EX, that will explode into a spray of 8 vibrant red bullets upon hitting 5 surfaces. A message will be broadcast in the chat before this happens, so players have a small time period to prepare for and dodge the incoming attack.

If the player leaves the Underworld while Torva-mes is alive, Torva-mes will become nearly invulnerable to all damage. The Scythes however, remain unaffected.


Wraith Scythe
Wraith Scythe (Jetshift).png
TypeFlying Enemy
AI TypeWraith Scythe AI
Max Life450

Notes and Tips[]

  • It is advised to make a long bridge through the Underworld to run away from Torva-mes while attacking the boss. This is the same sort of strategy used to defeat the Wall of Flesh.
  • It is possible to kill Torva-mes while it is enraged, but it does take a very long time and isn't recommended.
    • Any debuff infliction can speed up this process, especially the Daybreak.
  • Fighting Torva-mes inside a small arena is not ideal, as the bullets from the Slaughter EX projectile will almost always hit you.


If not defeated[]

  • "I've seen your progress, and now I've come to test your power!" (When summoned)
  • "You have proved your potential as clear as daylight. Until we meet again, human..." (When defeated)

During the fight[]

  • "Slaughter EX!" (When Slaughter EX is about to launch)

If defeated already[]

  • "You wish to come back for more already? But why? You've already got the items you needed from me." (When summoned)
  • "You’ve already proven your potential to me, so I assume you’re just fighting me so you can sell my stuff for money. Alright, take it and leave." (When defeated)


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