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Shields are a new type of accessory in the Jetshift Mod.

Each shield has a random chance of deflecting an attack and increasing it's strength, such as direct contact with an enemy or a projectile.

When the criteria is met, upon being hit by a projectile, the projectile's velocity will be reversed back to it's target, dealing damage to enemies on contact. Upon contact with an enemy, the damage will be deflected, similar to a Thorns effect.

Shields don't have an infinite lifespan, as they will break after a certain number of deflections.

Icon Name Deflect Durability Effects
Meteorite Shield (Jetshift).png Meteorite Shield 10% chance 30 Doubles the projectile's damage
Adamantite Shield (Jetshift).png Adamantite Shield 16.67% chance 72 Triples the projectile's damage
Titanium Shield (Jetshift).png Titanium Shield 16.67% chance 72 Triples the projectile's damage
Luminite Shield (Jetshift).png Luminite Shield 5% chance 150 Quintuples the projectile's damage


  • Shields were inspired by a mechanic in Minecraft - blocking with a shield will send back incoming attacks, sometimes damaging the attacker.
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