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Oculus (Jetshift).png
AI TypeOculus AI
Damage145 / 290 / 465 (9,999 during day)
Max Life190,000 / 264,500 / 465,500
KB Resist100%
Oculus Map Icon (Jetshift).png
Map Icon

Oculus is a post-Moon Lord boss that can be fought anywhere in the world at night. It can be summoned using a Mechanical Eye MK2.


Oculus won't spawn on its own and must be summoned using a Mechanical Eye MK2.


Oculus will hover around and move toward the player(s) while shooting projectiles. After a certain amount of time, it will switch AI paths:

  • AI Path #1 consists of Oculus moving towards the player(s).
  • AI Path #2 consists of Oculus hovering directly above the player while firing rockets.
  • AI Path #3 consists of Oculus spinning around wildly while shooting a rocket bullet-hell.
  • AI Path #4 consists of Oculus moving towards the player(s) while firing rockets and lasers.

If Oculus is not beaten before dawn, it will charge at great speed and instantly kill all players in the world on contact, before flying away and despawning.


  • Oculus is confirmed to be an amalgamation of the Mechanical Bosses.
  • Unlike the other bosses in Jetshift, Oculus is genderless.
  • Oculus's theme is Sight Not Worth Seeing by Shadow Figure
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