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Murus, Tower of Flames
Murus, Tower of Flames (Jetshift).png
Damage13 / 17
Max Life15 / 18
KB Resist100%
Cursed Wall (Jetshift).png
Map Icon

Murus, Tower of Flames is a Hardmode boss that is fought in The Underworld. The boss fight is lengthy, so preparations must be made before challenging Murus.


Murus does not spawn on his own, but is summoned with the Cursed Wall in the Underworld.


Murus, unlike other bosses, has a very small amount of health. This is because he can only be damaged by killing groups of his minions. Any attempt to attack Murus directly will have no effect. After a group of minions has been downed, Murus' HP lowers and then another group is summoned, and it keeps on going until Murus or the player dies.

Two Giant Walls, when spawned, attempts to jump on the player, while not shooting any projectiles. Two (four on Expert Mode) Shadowflight Daggers indefinitely chase down the player and shoot Spirit Flames at them. The Shadowflame Dragon acts like a worm with more aerial velocity. Only one can exist at any time.

When Murus' HP is reduced to 0, his loot is dropped and the fight ends.


Shadowflight Dagger
Shadowflight Dagger (Jetshift).png
TypeFlying Enemy
AI TypeShadowflight Dagger AI
Max Life400 / 900
Shadowflame Dragon
Shadowflame Dragon (Jetshift).png
TypeFlying Enemy
AI TypeShadowflame Dragon AI
Max Life5,000 / 6,300
Giant Wall
Giant Wall (Jetshift).png
AI TypeGiant Wall AI
Max Life600 / 1,000


  • Don't waste time on trying to attack Murus directly as he cannot take damage from any weapon.
    • There are certain circumstances in which this can be bypassed, like using a Mythril Drill. If the attack power is right and the attack lands a critical hit, Murus will take 9,999 damage and die instantly, skipping the fight. However, luck and skill is required to do this, as minions can easily knock you back or get in your way.
  • Hovering right next to Murus is a bad idea as a Shadowflame Dragon can spawn and hit you immediately.
  • Running away from Murus is not ideal for the fight as he will despawn if you go too far away from him.


  • The Wall of Voices theme is The Depths of Hell, which is composed by Shadow Figure.
  • In earlier versions of the mod, Murus was a cycloptic triangle that behaved like Skeletron, hovering above the player and attempting to charge into them.
  • In a previous version of the mod, when players played Eternity Mode from Fargo's Soul Mod, the boss would be impossible to beat without a third-party butcher function due to the regeneration functions.
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