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The Jetshift mod adds many miscellaneous items to Terraria

Crafting materials[]

Jetshift/Refined JelichorRefined Jelichor Jetshift/Spirit Message - ASpirit Message - A Jetshift/Spirit Message - FSpirit Message - F
Jetshift/Spirit Message - ISpirit Message - I Jetshift/Spirit Message - LSpirit Message - L Jetshift/Spirit Message - NSpirit Message - N
Jetshift/Unstable FragmentUnstable Fragment

Boss Summons[]

Jetshift/Artifact of the VoidArtifact of the Void Jetshift/Jungle GrubJungle Grub Jetshift/Contaminated Rotten ShrimpContaminated Rotten Shrimp
Jetshift/Corrupted ShardCorrupted Shard Jetshift/Seal of DragonsSeal of Dragons Jetshift/Crown of ConflictCrown of Conflict
Jetshift/Cursed RuneCursed Rune Jetshift/Cursed WallCursed Wall Jetshift/Mechanical Eye MK2Mechanical Eye MK2
Jetshift/Pearl of the SkyPearl of the Sky Jetshift/Pitch BlacknessPitch Blackness Jetshift/Seal of DemonsSeal of Demons
Jetshift/Trident of DoomTrident of Doom
Serpent's Greatblade (Jetshift).png Weapons • Serpent's Helmet (Jetshift).png Armor • Heart of Acceptance (Jetshift).png Accessories • Unstable Pickaxe (Jetshift).png Tools • Hell Brick (Jetshift).png Blocks • Astral Destabiliser (Jetshift).png Furniture • Unstable Fragment (Jetshift).png Crafting materials • Legendary Scroll (Jetshift).png Miscellaneous
Cursed Rune (Jetshift).png Mechanics ( Cursed Wall (Jetshift).png Achievements • Shift (buff) (Jetshift).png Buffs )
Quaker (Jetshift).png NPCs ( Wall Clinger (Jetshift).png Enemies • Wordsmith Map Icon (Jetshift).png Town NPCs • Unstable Cosmic Star (Jetshift).png Minibosses • Shadowflight Dagger (Jetshift).png Bosses)
Dark Snow (Jetshift).png Biomes