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Jetshift adds several new enemies to the game throughout various Biomes and points in progression.

There are 130 new enemies in the mod: 7 in Pre-Hardmode, 7 in Hardmode, 2 post-Moon Lord, 3 minibosses and 13 new Bosses.


Pre-Hardmode Enemies
Hardmode Enemies
Post-Moon Lord Enemies


Post-Moon Lord Minibosses


Boss Minions[]

  • Jetshift/Baby Ice DragonBaby Ice Dragon
  • Jetshift/EternalEternal
  • Jetshift/Eternal CapsuleEternal Capsule
  • Jetshift/Exile's UnderlingExile's Underling
  • Jetshift/Frosted PolyplingFrosted Polypling
  • Jetshift/Giant WallGiant Wall
  • Jetshift/Mortalos' HandMortalos' Hand
  • Jetshift/Mortalos' WatchdogMortalos' Watchdog
  • Jetshift/Probe AProbe A
  • Jetshift/Shadowflame DragonShadowflame Dragon
  • Jetshift/Shadowflight DaggerShadowflight Dagger
  • Jetshift/Shift's HeadShift's Head
  • Jetshift/Shift's Left ArmShift's Left Arm
  • Jetshift/Shift's Right ArmShift's Right Arm
  • Jetshift/Sky SpawnSky Spawn
  • Jetshift/SkyeyeSkyeye
  • Jetshift/Worble 1Worble 1
  • Jetshift/Worble 2Worble 2
  • Jetshift/Worble 3Worble 3
  • Jetshift/Wraith ScytheWraith Scythe


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