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Nightmare Mode Exclusive: This information applies only to Nightmare Mode and Nightmare mode worlds.
Cloak of the Artificer
  • Cloak of the Artificer item sprite
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TooltipAllows you to rid of Potion Sickness
However, you will be penalised greatly
RarityRarity color nightmare (Jetshift).png
Inflicts debuff
Overcure (Jetshift).png

Cloak of the Artificer is a pre-Hardmode accessory that is dropped from Possessor. It allows wielders to get rid of Potion Sickness at the press of the hotkey (C by default), with a cooldown of 60 seconds from the Overcure debuff, which cannot be cleared by normal means. This allows players to heal twice, but at a cost of 50% of their healing to compensate.

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