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Fishing Gear[]

Fishing Poles[]

Fishing Pole Source Fishing Power Sell Rarity Notes and Effects Bobber
Iridium Mod/Imaginary Imaginary Crafted: Iridium Mod/Iridium BarIridium Bar (7) (Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil) 20% 80 Rarity level: 3
  • Fires two fishing lines at once
  • One of the bobbers becomes enchanted
  • The enchanted bobber shows what's biting the hook
Imaginary Bobber (Iridium Mod).png
Iridium Mod/Mechanical Fishing Pole Mechanical Fishing Pole Crafted: Hallowed BarHallowed Bar (7) + Any Iron BarAny Iron Bar (3) (Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil) 35% 150 Rarity level: 4
  • Rare catch will stay on the hook a little longer
Mechanical Fishing Pole Bobber (Iridium Mod).png


Accessory Source Effect Hardmode Visible on
Iridium Mod/Damned Wooden CrateDamned Wooden Crate Reward for completing fishing quests for the Angler NPC Every tenth attempt to catch a fish is guaranteed to give you a wooden crate.
Iridium Mod/Enchanted BobberEnchanted Bobber Caught while fishing Lets you cast an additional line.
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