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Nitori Kawashiro
Nitori Kawashiro (Gensokyo).png
Damage45 / 90 Contact
40 / 80 Water Orbs
40 / 80 Rifle Shots
84 / 168 Mortar Shells
44 / 88 Bubbles
50 / 100 Rockets
28 / 112 Bombs
Max Life16,800 / 25,200
Defense17 / 21
KB Resist100%
Nitori Kawashiro Map Icon (Gensokyo).png
Map Icon

Kappa technology sure is advanced, isn't it?

Gensokyo/Curio TraderCurio Trader

Nitori Kawashiro is a Tier 3 Hardmode boss.


Nitori may be summoned by using the Experimental Transmitter.

Additionally, if she was not already defeated, she will spawn after the player kills 30 Kappa enemies. This is announced by the message "The Kappa managed to send out a distress signal." Once 90 seconds have passed, Nitori will spawn close to a player who is on the surface layer. If no players are on the surface at this time, she will spawn immediately once any player returns to the surface. If Nitori manages to defeat all players, she will attack once again after another 30 Kappa enemies are killed.


Nitori alternates between a movement phase and a stationary phase. She uses one of four spellcards, depending on her remaining health. Most of them have her attack only during the stationary phase, but while using her last spellcard, she also attacks during the movement phase.

  • Water Sign "Great Illusionary Wave": Nitori calls down orbs of water from above, which fall down in a wave pattern. If the player moves out of the range of this attack, Nitori directly targets the player with a stream of very fast projectiles.
  • Gadged Sign "Kappa Technology": Nitori shoots at the player using her Kappa Water Rifle while simultaneously firing mortal shells into the air. These shells fall down after some time and explode on contact with tiles (or players).
  • Bubble Sign "Bubble Dragon": Nitori uses the Bubble Dragon to shoot bubbles at the player. These bubbles explode into smaller bubbles on when hitting tiles or the player, or simply after a some time.
  • Ordnance Sign "Super Youkai Warhead": During the movement phase, Nitori either shoots rockets at the targeted player, or drops bombs on the player from above. In the stationary phase, she shoots grenades. These grenades will bounce around for some time before coming to a stop and releasing columns of bubbles above and below them.