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Town NPCs
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A total of 5 NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are added by Fargo's Mod. They sell various useful items for progression, such as wood, rare enemy summons, event summons, boss summons, and accessories. All of them are obtainable in Fargo's Mutant Mod except the Squirrel, which requires Fargo's Souls Mod.

Town NPCs[]

NPC Acquired When Description Drops Defending Weapon
Fargo's Mod/LumberJackLumberJack All players combined have gathered 500 wood from chopping trees. Sells all Wood (besides Dynasty Wood) and The Lumber Jaxe. None Hatchet
Fargo's Mod/DevianttDeviantt A rare enemy* is defeated or the world is in Eternity Mode Sells summons for various rare enemies and minibosses. None Fake Heart (Pre-Deviantt)
Fake Hearts (Post Deviantt)
Fargo's Mod/AbominationnAbominationn The Goblin Army is defeated. Sells various event summons. None Death Sickle
Fargo's Mod/MutantMutant Any boss is defeated. Sells various boss summons. None Eyeball (Pre-Hardmode)
Mechanic Eyeball (Hardmode)
Phantasmal Eyeball (Post-Moon Lord)
The Penetrator (Post-Mutant)
Fargo's Mod/SquirrelSquirrel Any player has a Top Hat Squirrel in their inventory Sells enchantments and souls that the player has, to make getting enough for everybody in multiplayer easier. None None


  • 1.3.0: Introduced Squirrel.
  • 1.6 (Mutant Mod): Introduced Deviantt.
  • Introduced Abominationn.
  • Introduced Lumberjack.
  • Introduced Mutant.

Fargo's Mutant Mod:
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