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Staff of Unleashed Ocean
  • Staff of Unleashed Ocean item sprite
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Damage300 (Summon)
Knockback4 (Weak)
TooltipSummons Duke Fishron to fight for you
Needs 3 minion slots to use
Minions do reduced damage when not holding a summon weapon
'Now channel your rage against them!'
Grants BuffFargo's Mod/Duke Fishron (buff)Duke Fishron
Buff tooltipDuke Fishron will fight for you
RarityRarity level: 11
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Abominationn (boss) 1 3%-7.5%
Summons Minion

Duke Fishron

Duke Fishron minion (Fargo's Mod).png

The Staff of Unleashed Ocean is a post-Moon Lord weapon with a low drop rate from the Abominationn. Its drop rate can increase by 0.5% for each Champion defeated. It summons full-sized versions of Duke Fishron to fight for you. The Duke Fishron minions repeatedly dash at enemies, and on enemy hit, they spawn spinning razorblades outwards from the enemy.

If the player is not holding a summoner weapon, the minions will deal 25% of their original damage.

Its best modifier is Ruthless. The Mythical modifier provides the widest array of stats bonuses, but these primarily affect the initial summon rather than the resulting minion. Additionally, minions cannot deal critical hits. The only significant advantage a Mythical Staff of Unleashed Ocean has over a Ruthless one is knockback.


  • This item is a tribute to Duke Fishron EX, a boss that was made unspawnable and had all traces of it removed in the 1.3.0 update, but was later moved over to Fargo's Souls Mod DLC as a joke boss.


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