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Embrace eternity...
Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
Soul of the Master
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TypeShieldAccessoryCrafting material
TooltipIncreases wing time by 200%, armor penetration by 50, and movement speed by 20%
Increases max life by 100%, damage by 50%, and damage reduction by 10%
Increases life regen drastically, increases max number of minions and sentries by 2
Grants gravity control, fastfall, and immunity to knockback, almost all Eternity Mode debuffs, and more
Grants autofire to all weapons and you automatically use mana potions when neede
Your attacks create additional attacks, hearts, and inflict a cocktail of Eternity Mode debuffs
Press the Fireball Dash key to perform a short invincible dash, zoom with right click
Certain enemies will drop potions when defeated, drastically improves reforge, you respawn with more life
You respawn twice as fast, attacks spawn honey, have improved night vision, and erupt into various attacks when injured
Prevents boss spawns, increases spawn rate, increases loot, and attacks may squeak and deal 1 damage to you
Reduce hurtbox size, hold the Precision Seal Key to disable dashes and double jumps
Right Click to parry attack with extremely tight timing
Use to teleport to your last death point
Summons the aid of all Eternity Mode bosses to your side
'Embrace mastery, embrace eternity'
Grants BuffFargo's Mod/Soul of the Siblings (buff)Soul of the Siblings
Buff tooltipThe power of Eternity Mode is with you
RarityRarity level: 10

The Soul of the Master is a craftable post-Moon Lord accessory exclusive to Eternity Mode. In depth, it provides;

30 Defense, +50% Damage, +10% Damage reduction, +100% Max Life, +50 Armor penetration, +20% movement speed, +200% flight time, Greatly increases life regen, +2 Max Minions, +2 Max Sentries, and Reforge always give "best" modifier

Grants Immunity to Slimed, Berserked, Lethargic, Infested, Flames of the Universe, Clipped Wings, Crippled, Frostburn, Mighty Wind, Squeaky Toy, Guilty, Webbed, Purified, Suffocation, Midas, Enemies Stealing Items, Shadowflame, Lovestruck, Stinky, Hexed, Cactus Damage, Ichor, Cursed Inferno, Defenseless, Lightning Rod, Nano Injection, Stunned, knockback, Rotting, Bloodthirsty, Biome Debuffs, Blackout, Obstructed, Dazed, Venom, Ivy Venom, Burning, Fused, Low Ground, Marked for Death, Swarming, Atrophied, Jammed, Reverse Mana Flow, Antisocial, Living Wasteland, Frozen, Hypothermia, Oozed, Withered Weapon, Withered Armor, Feral Bite, Mutant Nibble, Flipped, Unstable, Distorted, Curse of the Moon, Wet (negative effects), Electrified, Oceanic Maul, Moon Leech, Nullification Curse and Water Debuffs

Grants the ability to flip gravity, automatically consume mana potions when needed, teleport to last death point, fall much faster by holding down, protect certain modifiers from being accidentally reforged and fireball dash

Grants Autoswing, improved night vision and permanent Wet debuff (positive effects, only while riding cute fishron)

When you take damage you summon homing Ancient Visions, and there's 10% chance that you will only take 1 damage

You respawn twice as fast (only when not fighting a boss)

Attacks Inflict Clipped Wings (10% Chance, non-boss only), Venom, Ichor, Cursed Inferno, sometimes Lightning Rod, Rotting (Critical Strike only) and Inflict Betsy's Curse (Critical Strikes only)

Attacking summon homing frostfireballs at enemies, damaging hearts, mini homing eaters, pungent eyeball fires laser, fireballs (melee), lightning (ranged), ice boulder (magic), spawn bouncing pumpkins (ranged, Jack 'O 'Lantern Launcher) and bats (magic, bat scepter),

Killing enemies may drop potions

Summons a Baby rainbow slime minion, 2 Skeletron arms to whack enemies, 2 friendly probes that orbit around you (one probe fires automatically to enemies and the other fires lasers to your cursor), oscillating creepers (max 5) that absorb/block damage and spawn every 15 seconds, flying pungent eyeball, friendly cultist, mini Plantera, friendly super Flocko, Mini Saucer and True eyes of Cthulhu. The Creepers also have a Moon Lord-themed skin.

While running or dashing you create a trail of damaging blood scythes

While not moving, Creepers spawn faster

Landing a jump you summon a gel rain at your cursor, creates a fiery eruption (certain distance) and boulders

Press the 'Fireball' Hotkey to preform invincible fireball dash to cursor



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Soul of the MasterSoul of the Master
Fargo's Mod/Crucible of the CosmosCrucible of the Cosmos

Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Soul of EternitySoul of Eternity
Fargo's Mod/Crucible of the CosmosCrucible of the Cosmos


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