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Soul of Terraria
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TypeShieldAccessoryCrafting material
Tooltip'A true master of Terraria'
Summons fireballs, shadow orbs, icicles, leaf crystals, flameburst minion, hallowed sword and shield, beetles, and several pets
Toggle vanity to remove all Pets, Right Click to Guard
Double tap down to spawn a sentry and portal, call an ancient storm, toggle stealth, and direct your empowered guardian
Gold Key encases in gold, Freeze Key freezes time for 5 seconds, minions spew scythes
Solar shield allows you to dash, Dash into any walls, to teleport through them
Attacks may spawn lightning, a storm cloud, flower petals, spectre orbs, a Dungeon Guardian, snowballs, spears, or buff boosters
Attacks cause increased life regen, shadow dodge, Flameburst shots, meteor showers, and reduced enemy immune frames
Critical chance is set to 25%, Crit to increase it by 5%, At 100% every 10th attack gains 4% life steal
Getting hit drops your crit back down, trigger a blood geyser, and reflects damage
Projectiles may split or shatter and spawn stars, item and projectile size increased, attracts items from further away
Nearby enemies are ignited, You leave behind a trail of fire, jump to create a spore explosion
Grants Crimson regen, immunity to fire, fall damage, and lava, and doubled herb collection
Grants 50% chance for Mega Bees, 15% chance for minion crits, 20% chance for bonus loot
Critters have increased defense and their souls will aid you, You may summon temporary minions
All grappling hooks are more effective and fire homing shots, Greatly enhances all DD2 sentries
Your attacks inflict Midas, Enemies explode into needles
You violently explode to damage nearby enemies when hurt and revive with 200 HP when killed
Effects of Flower Boots, Master Ninja Gear, Greedy Ring, Celestial Shell, and Shiny Stone
RarityRarity level: Rainbow

The Soul of Terraria is a craftable post-Moon Lord accessory. In depth, it provides;

+10% Damage and melee speed, +2% Critical Chance, +1 Life regen, 4 Defense, +15% mining speed, +0.5 minion knockback, sets Critical Chance to 25%, 2.5x Sword Size, 2x Projectile size (deal 15% more damage on crits), +20% Attack Speed (effect is removed after you get hit for a few seconds), 5x Debuff Damage, +15% minion critical chance, 100% damage is reflected, +50% flight time, Double herb collection, 20% cheaper prices, better enchantments

+10% DR per solar shield stage that recharge over time (30% Max)

At Night, you get +2% melee critical chance, +5.1% melee damage and melee speed, +5% movement speed, +3 defense, Slightly better jump height and speed and +0.5 life regen

When you take damage, you explode, gain greatly increased regeneration until hit is healed off (if you take another hit before its healed, you will lose heal and normal damage) and reset Crit chance

Grants immunity to Guilty, Lava Damage, On Fire!, Wet and Drowning

Grants the ability to solar Dash through walls or into enemies, Guard (Grants 20 Defense but greatly reduces movement speed), swim and move normally in liquids (not honey), to enable stealth, summon a palm tree, hide in a shell while not attacking granting 90% DR (reflect all projectiles and contact damage, breaks in 10 hits), summon temporary extra minions, climb walls, gain first strike buff (+500% Damage once) after throwing smoke bomb or teleporting (like rod of discord), hide in a golden shell for 10 second invincibility but cant move or attack (50s cooldown) and freeze time for 5 seconds (stops all projectiles and enemy movement, 60s cooldown), enter vortex stealth granting stats (near-invisibility, +80% ranged damage, 20% ranged crit chance, decreased enemy detection and movement speed) and control the position of your Stardust Guardian.

Greatly enhances item and coin collection range, all Sentries, and greatly increases regeneration while standing still

While in vortex stealth it summons a vortex that draws and deals massive damage to enemies.

Consuming pumpkin pie heals you to full HP, increases strength of friendly bees, Beetles protect you from damage (max 15% DR)

Attacks cause 3 snowballs every second, projectiles might spawn a star or shatter into shards on collision (1s Cooldown), Inflict Lead Poisoning to enemies and create explosions, increase Crit chance by 5% (Crit strikes only, max 1 times a second), gain 4% life steal (100% crit chance only, every 10th hit), increased life regen for 4 seconds (on enemy hit), summon flaming flower petals (on enemy hit), projectile might split into 3 once every 0.5 seconds, briefly become invincible (on enemy hit, Cooldown), create miniature storms on enemy hit that get stronger when shot (eventually creating lightning), fire icicles towards the cursor and create mushrooms (more in stealth), Piercing attacks spawn bees (not on worms), chance of spawning damaging spectre orbs (crits can summon healing orbs), could inflict Darkness and minions could preform scythe attack, inflict Midas, create coins, summon spears, grant Valhalla power (greatly reduce enemy immune frames for short time), causes meteor shower every few seconds, inflict Solar Flare (5s) to enemies causing them to explode after it expires and nebula boosters (Max +30% damage, high regen and mana regen).

All Hooks shoot, pull and fire 2.5x as fast

If you die (0 HP), you will revive with 50 HP, summon bones (collect for 15 HP) and extra immune frames (4 min cooldown)

You have an aura of Shadowflame, Cursed Flames, Bleeding, fire, snow, icicles that spawn over time, five leaf crystals that shoot at enemies, 3 shadow orbs (attacking one summons evil energy to attack enemies)

Enemies in the aura spew out damaging blood while attacked, taking damage the closer enemies are to you, projectiles in the aura fly at 2/3 speed, freeze the enemy if hit by icicles 10 times in a row (they take +20% extra damage),

Killing Enemies may explode onto needles, creates bones (or from bosses every 10% HP lost); collecting it summons a friendly dungeon guardian scaling with enemy hp, drop 5x (10x with Midas) loot (20% chance, 40% with Midas)

Double tap down to summon a palm wood sentry to fire nuts at enemies dealing 15 damage, summon an ancient storm at cursor location; resulting in your projectiles that pass through +60% Damage, summon a rain of arrows near cursor based on arrow type in inventory (15s cooldown)

50% chance not to consume critters (they explode after 1 second) and bees to become mega bees resulting in more AP, immune frame ignored and 2x lifespan.

Summons lighting at enemies overtime scaling with magic damage, a ball of damaging energy every 80 life healed, an enchanted sword familiar scaling with minion damage, a shield to reflect projectiles, Flameburst minions at your mouse that fire after charging and manifest from your shadows while attacking ; then will act as a sentry and repeat (3 sentries max)

While running you create flowers and create pumpkins which heal you and deal damage

Merfolk skin while underwater and Werewolf skin while Night.

Jumping creates lingering spore explosions



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Soul of TerrariaSoul of Terraria
Fargo's Mod/Crucible of the CosmosCrucible of the Cosmos

Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Soul of EternitySoul of Eternity
Fargo's Mod/Crucible of the CosmosCrucible of the Cosmos


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