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Embrace eternity...
Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
Soul of Eternity
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Tooltip'Mortal or Immortal, all things acknowledge your claim to divinity'
Crit chance is set to 50%
Crit to increase it by 10%
At 100% every attack gains 10% life steal
You also gain +5% damage and +5 defense
This stacks up to 950 times until you get hit
Additionally grants: (All effects shuffle through randomized and seven by seven)
RarityRarity level: Rainbow

The Soul of Eternity is a craftable post-Moon Lord accessory. It is by far the strongest accessory available to the player in Fargo's Soul Mod, inheriting every single effect from everything used into making the accessory as well as having some additional benefits.

  • Soul of the Universe (Fargo's Mod).gif Soul of the Universe:

    • All attacks inflict Flames of the Universe
    • Effects of the Fire Gauntlet and Yoyo Bag
    • Effects of Sniper Scope, Celestial Cuffs, and Mana Flower

    Soul of Dimensions (Fargo's Mod).gif Soul of Dimensions:

    • Increases HP by 300
    • 20% damage reduction
    • Increases life regeneration by 8
    • Grants immunity to knockback and several debuffs
    • Enemies are more likely to target you
    • Allows Supersonic running and infinite flight
    • Increases fishing skill substantially, All fishing rods will have 10 extra lures
    • Increased block and wall placement speed by 50%
    • Near infinite block placement and mining reach, Mining speed tripled
    • Shine, Spelunker, Hunter, and Dangersense effects
    • Auto paint and actuator effect
    • Grants the ability to enable Builder Mode
    • Effects of the Brain of Confusion, Star Veil, Sweetheart Necklace, Bee Cloak and Spore Sac
    • Effects of Paladin's Shield, Frozen Turtle Shell, Arctic Diving Gear, Frog Legs, and Flying Carpet
    • Effects of Lava Waders, Angler Tackle Bag, Paint Sprayer, Presserator, Cell Phone, and Gravity Globe

    Soul of Terraria (Fargo's Mod).gif Soul of Terraria:

    • Summons fireballs, shadow orbs, icicles, leaf crystals, flameburst minion, hallowed sword and shield, beetles, and several pets
    • Toggle vanity to remove all Pets, Right Click to Guard
    • Double tap down to spawn a sentry and portal, call an ancient storm, toggle stealth, and direct your empowered guardian
    • Gold Key encases in gold, Freeze Key freezes time for 5 seconds, minions spew scythes
    • Solar shield allows you to dash, Dash into any walls, to teleport through them
    • Attacks may spawn lightning, a storm cloud, flower petals, spectre orbs, a Dungeon Guardian, snowballs, spears, or buff boosters
    • Attacks cause increased life regen, shadow dodge, Flameburst shots, meteor showers, and reduced enemy immune frames
    • Critical chance is set to 25%, Crit to increase it by 5%, At 100% every 10th attack gains 4% life steal
    • Getting hit drops your crit back down, trigger a blood geyser, and reflects damage
    • Projectiles may split or shatter and spawn stars, item and projectile size increased, attracts items from further away
    • Nearby enemies are ignited, You leave behind a trail of fire, jump to create a spore explosion
    • Grants Crimson regen, immunity to fire, fall damage, and lava, and doubled herb collection
    • Grants 50% chance for Mega Bees, 15% chance for minion crits, 20% chance for bonus loot
    • Critters have increased defense and their souls will aid you, You may summon temporary minions
    • All grappling hooks are more effective and fire homing shots, Greatly enhances all DD2 sentries
    • Your attacks inflict Midas, Enemies explode into needles
    • You violently explode to damage nearby enemies when hurt and revive with 200 HP when killed
    • Effects of Flower Boots, Master Ninja Gear, Greedy Ring, Celestial Shell, and Shiny Stone

    Soul of the Master (Fargo's Mod).png Soul of the Master:

    • Increases wing time by 200%, armor penetration by 50, and movement speed by 20%
    • Increases max life by 100%, damage by 50%, and damage reduction by 10%
    • Increases life regen drastically, increases max number of minions and sentries by 10
    • Grants gravity control, fastfall, and immunity to knockback, almost all Eternity Mode debuffs, and more
    • Grants autofire to all weapons, modifier protection, and you automatically use mana potions when needed
    • Empowers Cute Fishron and makes armed and magic skeletons less hostile outside the Dungeon
    • Your attacks create additional attacks, hearts, and inflict a cocktail of Eternity Mode debuffs
    • Press the Fireball Dash key to perform a short invincible dash
    • Certain enemies will drop potions when defeated
    • You respawn twice as fast, have improved night vision, and erupt into various attacks when injured
    • Prevents boss spawns, increases spawn rate, and attacks may squeak and deal 1 damage to you
    • Summons the aid of all Eternity Mode bosses to your side

    Soul of Yggdrasil (Fargo's Mod).png Soul of Yggdrasil (Thorium):

    • All armor bonuses from Living Wood, Bulb, Life Bloom, Yew Wood, and Tide Hunter
    • All armor bonuses from Icy, Cryomancer, and Whispering
    • All armor bonuses from Sacred, Warlock, and Biotech
    • All armor bonuses from Cyber Punk and Maestro
    • All armor bonuses from Bronze, Darksteel, and Durasteel
    • All armor bonuses from Conduit, Lodestone, and Illumite
    • All armor bonuses from Jester, Thorium, and Terrarium
    • All armor bonuses from Malignant, White Dwarf, and Celestial
    • All armor bonuses from Spirit Trapper, Dragon, Dread, and Flesh
    • All armor bonuses from Demon Blood, Magma, and Berserker
    • All armor bonuses from Tide Turner, Assassin, Pyromancer, and Dream Weaver
    • Effects of Flawless Chrysalis, Bee Booties, Bubble Magnet, and Agnor's Bowl
    • Effects of Ice Bound Strider Hide, Ring of Unity, and Mix Tape
    • Effects of Eye of the Storm, Champion's Rebuttal, and Incandescent Spark
    • Effects of the Greedy Magnet, Abyssal Shell, and Astro-Beetle Husk
    • Effects of Eye of the Beholder, Crietz, and Mana-Charged Rocketeers
    • Effects of Inner Flame, Crash Boots, Vampire Gland, and Spring Steps
    • Effects of Slag Stompers, Demon Blood Badge, and Lich's Gaze
    • Summons several Thorium pets

    Soul of the Tyrant (Fargo's Mod).png Soul of the Tyrant (Calamity):

    • All armor bonuses from Aerospec, Statigel, and Hydrothermic
    • All armor bonuses from Xeroc and Fearmonger
    • All armor bonuses from Daedalus, Snow Ruffian, Umbraphile, and Astral
    • All armor bonuses from Omega Blue, Mollusk, Victide, Fathom Swarmer, and Sulphurous
    • All armor bonuses from Wulfrum, Reaver, Plague Reaper, and Demonshade
    • All armor bonuses from Tarragon, Bloodflare, and Brimflame
    • All armor bonuses from God Slayer, Silva, and Auric
    • Effects of Gladiator's Locket and Unstable Prism
    • Effects of Counter Scarf and Fungal Symbiote
    • Effects of Hallowed Rune, Ethereal Extorter, and The Community
    • Effects of The Evolution, Spectral Veil, and Statis' Void Sash
    • Effects of Scuttler's Jewel, Permafrost's Concoction, and Regenator
    • Effects of Thief's Dime, Vampiric Talisman, and Momentum Capacitor
    • Effects of the Astral Arcanum, Hide of Astrum Deus, and Gravistar Sabaton
    • Effects of the Abyssal Diving Suit, Mutated Truffle, and Old Duke's Scales
    • Effects of Giant Pearl and Amidias' Pendant
    • Effects of Aquatic Emblem and Enchanted Pearl
    • Effects of Ocean's Crest, Deep Diver, The Transformer, and Luxor's Gift
    • Effects of Corrosive Spine and Lumenous Amulet
    • Effects of Sand Cloak and Alluring Bait
    • Effects of Trinket of Chi, Fabled Tortoise Shell, and Plague Hive
    • Effects of Plagued Fuel Pack, The Bee, The Camper, and Profaned Soul Crystal
    • Effects of Blazing Core, Dark Sun Ring, and Core of the Blood God
    • Effects of Affliction, Nebulous Core, and Draedon's Heart
    • Effects of the The Amalgam, Dynamo Stem Cells, and Godly Soul Artifact
    • Effects of Yharim's Gift, Heart of the Elements, and The Sponge
    • Summons several Calamity pets

    Soul of Two Realms (Fargo's Mod).png Soul of Two Realms (Shadows of Abbadon):

    • All armor bonuses from Bismuth, Frosthunter, and Blightbone
    • All armor bonuses from Dreadfire, Space Junk, and Marstech
    • All armor bonuses from Blazing Brute, Cosmic Commander, and Nebulous Apprentice
    • All armor bonuses from Stellar Priest and Fallen Prince
    • All armor bonuses from Void Warden, Vulcan Reaper, and Flarium
    • All armor bonuses from Asthraltite
    • Effects of Dreadflame Emblem, Lapis Pendant, Frigid Pendant, and Pumpkin Amulet
    • Effects of Nuba's Blessing, Novaniel's Resolve, and Celestial Ring
    • Effects of Ring of the Fallen, Memento Mori, and Arcanum of the Caster

    Spiritualist's Soul (Fargo's Mod).png Spiritualist's Soul (Dragonball Terraria):

    • Effects of Zenkai Charm
    • Effects of Aspera Crystallite

    Soul of Eternity (Fargo's Mod).gif Additional Effects:

    • Crit chance is set to 50%
    • Crit to increase it by 10%
    • At 100% every attack gains 10% life steal
    • You also gain +5% damage and +5 defense
      • The above stacks up to 950 times until you get hit
    • 250% increased all damage
    • 250% increased use speed for all weapons
    • 100% increased shot speed
    • 25% increased all critical chance
    • Crits deal 10x damage
    • All weapons have double knockback and have auto swing
    • Increases your maximum mana by 300
    • Increases your max number of minions by 30
    • Increases your max number of sentries by 20
    • Increases your maximum mana to 999
    • 50% increased HP, 40% damage reduction, 15 life regeneration
    • Grants immunity to knockback and most debuffs
    • You reflect all projectiles
  • ResultIngredientsCrafting station
    Soul of EternitySoul of Eternity
    Fargo's Mod/Crucible of the CosmosCrucible of the Cosmos


    • The player is not required to have Thorium, Calamity, Shadows of Abaddon, or Dragon Ball Terraria installed to craft this item; the crafting materials associated with any of the three mods that aren't installed (if any) will not be part of the in-game recipe.
      • In previous versions of Calamity with the Souls DLC mod installed, this item was formerly exclusive to Malice Mode.
      • With Shadows of Abbadon and the Souls DLC mod installed, this item becomes exclusive to True Mode.
    • The item's full crafting tree without the Fargo's Souls DLC mod installed requires 403 crafting steps, utilizing a total of 552 unique items.
      • If the Souls DLC mod is installed, it instead requires a staggering 1582 crafting steps, utilizing 1622 unique items.
        • For comparison, vanilla Terraria has over 5000 unique items in the game and the Zenith, the most complex item recipe, has only 13 crafting steps.
    • If using certain accessory stacking mods stacking the Soul of Eternity will exponentially increase health
      • Stacking the Soul of Eternity up to 10 times will cause your health to turn negative due to Integer Overload forcing your game to soft-lock and your player instantly dying
        • If this were to occur then you'll need to deactivate the mod but if this doesn't work then you'll need to restart your playthrough
    • The Soul of Eternity grants immunity from all the following debuffs:
  • Vanilla
    Betsy's CurseBetsy's Curse BlackoutBlackout BleedingBleeding Broken ArmorBroken Armor BurningBurning Chaos StateChaos State
    ChilledChilled ConfusedConfused CursedCursed Cursed InfernoCursed Inferno DarknessDarkness DazedDazed
    DistortedDistorted ElectrifiedElectrified Feral BiteFeral Bite FrostburnFrostburn FrozenFrozen Ichor (debuff)Ichor
    MidasMidas Mighty WindMighty Wind Moon BiteMoon Bite ObstructedObstructed On Fire!On Fire! OozedOozed
    PoisonedPoisoned ShadowflameShadowflame SilencedSilenced Slime (debuff)Slime (debuff) SlowSlow StinkyStinky
    StonedStoned SuffocationSuffocation VenomVenom WeakWeak WebbedWebbed WetWet
    Withered ArmorWithered Armor Withered WeaponWithered Weapon
    Eternity Mode
    Fargo's Mod/AntisocialAntisocial Fargo's Mod/AtrophiedAtrophied Fargo's Mod/BerserkedBerserked Fargo's Mod/BloodthirstyBloodthirsty Fargo's Mod/Clipped WingsClipped Wings Fargo's Mod/CrippledCrippled
    Fargo's Mod/Curse of the MoonCurse of the Moon Fargo's Mod/DefenselessDefenseless Fargo's Mod/Flames of the UniverseFlames of the Universe Fargo's Mod/FlippedFlipped Fargo's Mod/FusedFused Fargo's Mod/GuiltyGuilty
    Fargo's Mod/HexedHexed Fargo's Mod/InfestedInfested Fargo's Mod/JammedJammed Fargo's Mod/LethargicLethargic Fargo's Mod/Lightning RodLightning Rod Fargo's Mod/Living WastelandLiving Wasteland
    Fargo's Mod/LovestruckLovestruck Fargo's Mod/Marked for DeathMarked for Death Fargo's Mod/Mutant NibbleMutant Nibble Fargo's Mod/Nullification CurseNullification Curse Fargo's Mod/Oceanic MaulOceanic Maul Fargo's Mod/PurifiedPurified
    Fargo's Mod/Reverse Mana FlowReverse Mana Flow Fargo's Mod/RottingRotting Fargo's Mod/Squeaky Toy (debuff)Squeaky Toy Fargo's Mod/StunnedStunned Fargo's Mod/UnstableUnstable
    Calamity (with Fargo's Souls DLC)
    Fargo's Mod/Abyssal FlamesAbyssal Flames Fargo's Mod/Brimstone FlamesBrimstone Flames Fargo's Mod/Crush DepthCrush Depth Fargo's Mod/Glacial StateGlacial State Fargo's Mod/God Slayer InfernoGod Slayer Inferno Fargo's Mod/Holy FlamesHoly Flames
    Fargo's Mod/IrradiatedIrradiated Fargo's Mod/MarkedMarked Fargo's Mod/PlaguePlague
  • Trivia[]

    • The item's full crafting tree can be found here, here or here.
    • The item's rarity in-game is a mysterious dripping dark-rainbow changing gradient in-game but it's referred to as rainbow rarity for convenience.
    • This accessory actually has a unique rarity, but it is referred to here as Rainbow for consistency between weapons.


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