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Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
Plantera (Eternity Mode)
AI TypePlantera AI
Max Life73,500
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused
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That overgrown plant inflicts a special venom that works her into an enraged frenzy. She also has a ring of crystal leaves, but minions go through it.

Fargo's Mod/DevianttDeviantt

For the vanilla page, see Plantera.

Eternity Mode Plantera is a Hardmode boss. She is a more powerful version of Plantera with more attacks and new behavior.


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Phase 1[]

Plantera behaves similar to her original counterpart albeit with some new abilities:

Spreads Dicer Mines around the player that grows and explodes into a ring of dozens of fading seeds. The dicer mines themselves does not deal contact damage.

Is always protected by a barrier of 5 orbiting Crystal Leaves that destroy any non-minion projectiles, and they periodically stop orbiting to launch themselves at the player. after being shot, they shoot out a bunch of projectiles

Phase 2[]

Plantera tracks the player very aggressively.

Gains drastically increased defense, speed, and continues shooting seeds and spiky balls while player is envenomed

Spawns an additional ring of Crystal Leaves that do not shoot, but spiral in and out. They blocks non-minion projectiles as well.

The tentacles actively try to avoid the player, and serve as Plantera's Meat Shields.

periodically stops all attacks and shoots out a bunch of tentacles that attach to blocks. the vines they are attached to also deal damage. the spiraling leaf crystal ring is never active during the attack. plantera returns to its normal behavior after the vines despawn.


Source Debuffs Duration
All attacks PoisonedPoisoned
Fargo's Mod/Ivy VenomIvy Venom
Fargo's Mod/InfestedInfested
?-? seconds
3-5 seconds
2 seconds


  • The boss has 75% damage resistance against the Fetid Baghnakhs.
  • Plantera drops a Plantera's Fruit on spawn if it hasn't been defeated yet.
  • Plantera can naturally spawn in the Underground Jungle after Golem has been defeated.
  • While a Plantera is alive, the player is always considered in The Jungle biome, however, she will still enrage and take drastically reduced damage and gain increased attack speed when on the surface.
  • The orbiting leaf crystals are considered npcs, meaning plantera has a counter to chlorophyte bullets. they also deal contact damage.
  • The Infested debuff from the Ivy Venom debuff cannot be prevented by items that give immunity to infested.
  • All the attack changes make Plantera a lot harder to circle. during the vine attack, the player can't circle her at all.


  • If the Eternity Mode Recolors option is turned on in the Mod Configurations menu, it resembles Glowing Mushrooms.

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