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Patreon content is content dedicated to people who have supported Fargo's Mod on its Patreon page. Donating to the Patreon isn't needed to access this content.

Patreon Items[]

Pre-Hardmode Items[]

Fargo's Mod/Fig BranchFig Branch Fargo's Mod/Medallion of the Fallen KingMedallion of the Fallen King Fargo's Mod/Piranha Plant Voodoo DollPiranha Plant Voodoo Doll Fargo's Mod/Squidward DoorSquidward Door

Hardmode Items[]

Fargo's Mod/Computation OrbComputation Orb Fargo's Mod/Paradox Wolf SoulParadox Wolf Soul Fargo's Mod/Prime StaffPrime Staff Fargo's Mod/RoombaRoomba

Post-Moon Lord Items[]

Fargo's Mod/Devious AestheticusDevious Aestheticus Fargo's Mod/Miss Drakovi's Fishing PoleMiss Drakovi's Fishing Pole Fargo's Mod/Scientific RailgunScientific Railgun Fargo's Mod/Staff of Unleashed OceanStaff of Unleashed Ocean Fargo's Mod/Vortex RitualVortex Ritual

Patreon Character Names[]

With certain character names related to patreon donors, the player will have special effects:

  • Iverhcamer: The player will have increased mining speed, a permanent glow effect around them, and will randomly inflict Venom. If the Calamity Mod is enabled, all enemies will be instantly killed.
  • Sasha: The player will be immune to On Fire!, Cursed Inferno, Burning, lava, and the damaging effects of Hellstone and Meteorite.
  • Cat: The player will gain 2 minion slots when entering Hardmode and 4 other slots after defeating the Moon Lord. The player will also gain a 50% summon damage boost per every minion slot, including the default one.
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