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Mutant (boss)
Mutant (boss) (Fargo's Mod).png
AI TypeMutant AI
1,440 (enraged)
Max Life3,850,000 / 7,700,000
177,000,000 (enraged)
720 (enraged)
??? (Damage Reduction)
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffFargo's Mod/Curse of the MoonCurse of the Moon
Debuff duration10 seconds
Debuff tooltipThe moon's wrath consumes you
Inflicts debuffFargo's Mod/Mutant FangMutant Fang
Debuff duration5 seconds
Debuff tooltipThe power of Eternity Mode compels you
Inflicts debuffFargo's Mod/Oceanic MaulOceanic Maul
Debuff duration90 seconds
Debuff tooltipDefensive stats and max life are savaged
Inflicts debuffFargo's Mod/Mutant PresenceMutant Presence
Debuff durationInfinite (second phase)
Debuff tooltipDefense, damage reduction, and life regen reduced; all soul toggles disabled; Chaos State effect
Immune toChilledOn Fire!SuffocationFargo's Mod/LethargicFargo's Mod/Eternity (buff)Fargo's Mod/God EaterFargo's Mod/Clipped WingsFargo's Mod/Mutant NibbleFargo's Mod/Oceanic MaulFargo's Mod/Time FrozenFargo's Mod/Lightning Rod
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"Mutant has been enraged by the death of his brother!"

Not to be confused with the town NPC version of Mutant.

Mutant is a post-Moon Lord boss. It is the final boss of Fargo's Mod and the most difficult encounter the player must face in it.

See below for the Mutant Presence debuff inflicted by Mutant.


Mutant does not spawn on its own and must be summoned by the player by dropping an Abominationn Voodoo Doll into lava while both Mutant and Abominationn are alive. The Mutant NPC will transform into the boss.

Alternatively, the player can directly initiate the Mutant battle without the need of the Abominationn by using a Mutant's Curse.


Mutant attacks the player with moves reminiscent of other Eternity Mode boss changes as well as boss weapons and weapons crafted from Eternal Energy.

Expert Mode[]

Upon reaching 50% of its maximum health in Expert Mode, Mutant will clear all projectiles and create a large Mutant Seal as it enters its second phase, signified by a brief animation where Mutant's eye glows brightly as it absorbs a large number of glowing particles into itself.

In its second stage, all nearby players are afflicted with the Mutant Presence debuff and players outside the seal are dragged back in.

Eternity Mode[]

All of Mutant's attacks inflict Mutant Fang, and Mutant fully recovers its life while entering its second stage. Some of its attacks are upgraded. In Phase 2, Mutant's moveset is drastically improved, containing many more attacks.

Mutant additionally gains a third stage at 1 health.

First stage[]

Mutant follows a set pattern, repeating after completing the final attack:

  • Mutant glows blue and maneuvers around the player while aiming The Penetrator at them, its aim telegraphed by a teal beam. It throws it in the direction of the player five times, with each Penetrator leading the player's movement and leaving a trail of Phantasmal Spheres that slowly home in towards the player before exploding.
  • Mutant slows down and fires several rotating rings of Phantasmal Spheres around it.
  • Mutant flies up to the corner and swoops down while spawning three miniature True Eyes of Cthulhu. They attack by firing Phantasmal Bolts, Phantasmal Spheres, and a Phantasmal Deathray respectively.
  • Mutant maneuvers beneath the player while twirling around The Penetrator, spawning Phantasmal Eyes that home in on the player, and then charges at the player five times after glowing teal as a warning. Each dash leaves behind a homing trail of Phantasmal Spheres.
  • Mutant stops in place and fires short-ranged Phantasmal Spheres around it in two circular waves. These Phantasmal Spheres emit a warning laser and then fire a miniature Phantasmal Deathray outwards.
  • Mutant immediately follows up the previous attack by firing several spirals of Phantasmal Eyes around itself.
  • Mutant creates a large sword of Phantasmal Spheres and swings it at the player.

Second stage[]

Unlike the first phase, Mutant will choose attacks out of the pool below to execute in a randomized order.

  • Mutant fires three circular waves of Phantasmal Deathrays.
  • Mutant twirls the Penetrator, spawning Phantasmal Eyes, and then dashes multiple times. Each dash predicts the player's movement, has its trajectory telegraphed by a warning laser, and produces a lingering Phantasmal Deathray. The final dash leaves explosive trails of Phantasmal Spheres perpendicular to the dash.
  • Mutant flashes teal and fires a four-armed spiral of Phantasmal Eyes (five-armed in Eternity Mode). The spiral spins faster over time, forcing the player to dodge between individual eyes instead of following the spiral.
  • Mutant creates three clones akin to the Brain of Cthulhu's second phase in Expert Mode. Each Mutant creates a Celestial Pillar and throws it at the player in turn, which explodes into a spread of their respective Celestial Fragment. The bottom two Mutants always attack first, and the arena is completely still during this attack.
  • Mutant summons the Eye of Cthulhu, which rapidly dashes around the player to create an 8-pointed star made of stationary teal sickles. The points of the star then turn yellow and converge on the center of the star, before all of the teal sickles converge as well, leaving the very center as a safe spot.
  • Mutant twirls the Penetrator, spawning Phantasmal Eyes, and then dashes multiple times. The dashes do not lead player movement but produce both a lingering Phantasmal Deathray and a trail of homing Phantasmal Spheres.
  • Mutant spawns five miniature Destroyers that chase the player before leveling the Penetrator at the player and throwing it multiple times. Each attack leads the player's movements, has its trajectory telegraphed by a warning laser, and leaves behind a long Phantasmal Deathray.
  • Mutant flashes red and then creates a fan of red lasers sweeping around itself. The only safe area during this attack is either directly above the Mutant or below him, indicated by a red aura appearing all around them except at the safe spot. During the fan of lasers, Mutant rains down a barrage of Skeletron Prime heads beneath itself signaled by a column of red crosshairs, forcing the player to stay in the tight gap between the lasers and Prime heads.

In Eternity Mode, Mutant additionally gains the following attacks in its attack pool:

  • Mutant spawns 10 Duke Fishrons either above and below the player or to their left and right, which then dash into the player.
  • Mutant moves under the player and summons the 3 miniature True Eyes of Cthulhu from its first stage.
  • Mutant slows to a halt and creates a short-ranged aura around itself as it tosses a large bomb into the air. The bomb gradually falls and then detonates, completely covering everywhere outside the aura with explosions.
  • Mutant points Slime Rain at the player while reticles telegraph the rain of slime, with a small gap for the player to safely hide in. This is repeated three times.
  • Mutant fires an immense amount of Phantasmal Spheres that radiate out in overlapping spiral streams.
  • Mutant circles around the player and repeats the thrown Penetrator attack without leading. Each attack leaves both a trail of homing Phantasmal Spheres and a Phantasmal Deathray.
  • Mutant creates four large rings of Crystal Leaves, much like Plantera in Eternity Mode, while repeatedly throwing Retirangs and Spazmarangs in large arcs, with their trajectories indicated by red and green beams. The rings of Crystal Leaves start spinning and fly at the player after a short delay.

Third stage[]

Upon reaching 1 health in Eternity Mode, Mutant clears all projectiles on the screen and explodes into energy particles that heal the player for a large amount of health, before becoming invincible and launching a final desperation attack:

  • Mutant flies over the player and fires three rapid, dense circular waves of Phantasmal Deathrays.
  • Mutant fires an extremely large amount of spiraling Phantasmal Sphere streams.
  • Mutant fires eight accelerating spirals of Phantasmal Eyes.
  • Mutant emits several rings of Phantasmal Spheres that rotate in opposite directions. As it continues creating the rings, Mutant fires a supermassive Phantasmal Deathray and tracks the player with it, sweeping the ray around in a full circle.

After completing all of its desperation attacks, all the projectiles will vanish. If there are no living players nearby, Mutant will leave and despawn without dropping any rewards. Otherwise, Mutant will explode into a massive ray of light before fading away and reverting back to the Mutant town NPC, dropping its rewards.


Source Debuffs
Mutant (boss) (Fargo's Mod).png All attacks Fargo's Mod/Mutant FangMutant Fang
Fargo's Mod/Oceanic MaulOceanic Maul
Fargo's Mod/Curse of the MoonCurse of the Moon
Mutant (boss) (Fargo's Mod).png Outside of Mutant's Aura Fargo's Mod/God EaterGod Eater
Phantasmal Sphere.gif Phase 2 Fargo's Mod/Mutant PresenceMutant Presence
Stardust Enchantment (Fargo's Mod).png When the player attempts to stop time Fargo's Mod/Time FrozenTime Frozen


  • The Mutant town NPC gains the stats of its boss version and begins to defend itself by throwing The Penetrator at nearby enemies.
  • Screm Painting becomes available by killing the Painter while the Mutant boss is alive.


  • If the player dies to Mutant's second phase 10 times, summoning it again will prompt the status message "Mutant tires of this charade..." and make it skip directly to its second stage. While the status message only appears on the 11th battle, Mutant will entirely skip its first phase until the player fully defeats it, upon which the counter resets.
  • Mutant will emit a teal glow when using a spear attack that does not lead the player, and will glow blue when using one that does.
  • Mutant's Phantasmal Deathray in its desperation attack ignores immunity frames.
  • Mutant is immune to Stardust Enchantment's Time Stop. Attempting to stop time during the battle will freeze the player without affecting Mutant itself (though affecting his projectiles except Phantasmal Deathray).
  • When Mutant is undergoing a phase transition animation, the player will be unable to use any items.
  • If the Mutant's Fury is currently active, Mutant will become enraged, increasing its maximum health to 177,000,000, multiplying its damage from all attacks by 4, and multiplying its defense by 2. Before, this would also occur if the player had the Calamity Mod installed.


Yharim Boss (Fargo's Mod).png
Map Icon Yharim (Fargo's Mod).png
Mutant's sprite as seen during April Fools 2020
  • While the boss is alive, Steel Red by Sakuzyo will play.
    • This song is also heard when fighting Echdeath.
  • In Phase 2 in Eternity Mode, the music will change to rePrologue by Sakuzyo.
    • This used to be the Mutant's old theme.
  • While the Mutant is in Phase 2 in Eternity Mode, the screen will be tinted a teal color with rapidly moving lines in the background. This shader will gradually become more opaque as Mutant nears death.
  • Several of Mutant's attacks are directly borrowed from various bosses from other games:
    • The Phantasmal Deathray ring is borrowed from the second part of Void's Pleasant Dream attack from Kirby Star Allies.
    • The spiral barrage of Phantasmal Eyes is borrowed from Yukari Yakumo's spell card "Border Sign 'Boundary of Wave and Particle'" from Touhou Project: Shoot the Bullet.
    • The spiral streams of Phantasmal Spheres is borrowed from one of Utsuho Reiuji's non-spell card attacks from Touhou Project: Subterranean Animism.
    • Mutant's final desperation attack is borrowed from Marisa Kirisame's signature "Love Sign 'Master Spark'" from the Touhou Project series.
  • Mutant's defeat animation is a reference to the character Raoh from Fist of the North Star, who dies in a similar fashion.
  • For April Fools 2020, Mutant's sprite was temporarily changed to resemble Yharim, the main antagonist of and a highly planned boss for the Calamity Mod.
  • If the player has the Yet Another Boss Health Bar Mod installed, the Mutant's health bar will be identical to that of the Moon Lord.
  • If the Boss Checklist Mod is installed, the Mutant's unique despawn message will be "Mutant has eviscerated everyone under its hands."


  • 1.1.1: Now drops Mutant Trophy.
  • 1.0.0: Introduced.
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