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Embrace eternity...
Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
Moon Lord (Eternity Mode)
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AI TypeMoon Lord AI
Damage(Varies per attack)
Max Life37,500 (Hands)
33,750 (Head)
150,000 (Core)
258,750 (Total)
Defense(Varies per part)
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused
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Map Icon

Only a specific type of weapon will work against each specific pillar. As for that moon guy, his weakness will keep changing.

Fargo's Mod/DevianttDeviantt

For the vanilla page, see Moon Lord.

Eternity Mode Moon Lord is a Hardmode boss. He is a more powerful version of Moon Lord with more attacks and new behavior.


Phase 1[]

Moon Lord behaves similar to his original counterpart albeit with some new abilities:

Passively inflicts Nullification Curse, granting him immunity to all attacks that do not belong to a specific damage type. This weakness changes periodically and is indicated by rings of fragments of their respective class that count down

Produces an arena of Phantasmal Eyes that prevents escape

Head has reduced life

Phantasmal Spheres accelerate instead of starting at full speed, have a trajectory telegraph, and cannot damage the player while spawning in

Phantasmal Bolts are now fired in wide spreads, accelerate, and have slight homing

Phantasmal Eye homing is significantly weaker

Moves a lot slower

Removed contact damage from both empty sockets and true eyes of cthulhu.

True Eyes are always synchronized and attack slower until core is exposed

Phase 2[]

Vulnerability changes faster when core is exposed

Once core is exposed, discards previous attacks and uses new ones:

  • Melee: Generates massive suns and throws them down, creating 2 vertical and 2 horizontal colossal chain explosions on impact
  • Ranged: summons portals above that rain down lightning
  • Magic: Summons random implosions of Nebula Blazes from the arena border and shoots Nebula Blazes that bounce around the arena.
  • Summon: Fires deathrays from its sockets and core around the player, limiting movement
  • All: Summons three moons that orbit around itself to further restrict movement, the moons will eventually create chain explosions.


Appearance Name Conditions
True Eye of Cthulhu (Fargo's Mod).png True Eye of Cthulhu Spawns once a socket has been taken out


Source Debuffs
Passive Fargo's Mod/Nullification CurseNullification Curse
All Attacks Fargo's Mod/Curse of the MoonCurse of the Moon
Nebula Blaze Fargo's Mod/BerserkedBerserked
Fargo's Mod/LethargicLethargic
Ancient Lights Fargo's Mod/PurifiedPurified


  • It's basically required to bring more than 1 different class setup with you because of the constant immunity changes. Remember to keep an eye on the fragments and tinted foreground to see what he's currently vulnerable to.
  • Avoid getting hit by the ancient lights in its stardust state, as the Purified debuff cancels your minions. the Bionomic Cluster gives immunity to this debuff.
  • Do not use pure heart, or if you do, turn off creepers in the configuration menu, due to that many of moon lord's attacks deals splash damage, which the creepers can't prevent well, and will only make the fight harder due to the increased hitbox.
  • Gaia armor is a great choice of armor since it buffs all classes. It will also make the fight easier because the player doesn't have to switch armors
Class Weapon pros of the weapon cons of the weapons
Melee Solar Eruption Massive Damage Range is not the best
Ranged Dragon Breath Massive Damage Dropped by Betsy

Requires gel to use

Magic Nebula Arcanum Moon Lord is slower -15% damage(eternity mode)
Summon Stardust Cell Staff Does not mess with immunity frames Less damage the more their are summoned


  • Moon Lord drops a Celestially Sigil on spawn if it hasn't been defeated yet.
  • Moon Lord are immune to daybroken outside its melee/all vulnerable state, and is immune to Celled.
  • Moon Lord can naturally spawn in Space after being defeated once.
  • Moon Lord becomes significantly easier after being defeated, because the player now can have immunity to nullification curse and curse of the moon.
  • The hitbox of the chain explosion produced by sun when core is exposed and in its solar state is actually larger than it seems.
  • Regardless of how far away you are from Moon Lord, the sun attack when core is exposed and in its solar state will always get to your previous position in a set amount of time.


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