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Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
Lunatic Cultist (Eternity Mode)
AI TypeLunatic Cultist AI
Max Life60,000
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused
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Some powerful enemies like that dungeon guy can create their own arenas. You won't be able to escape, so make full use of the room you do have.

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For the vanilla page, see Lunatic Cultist.

Eternity Mode Lunatic Cultist is a Hardmode boss. He is a more powerful version of Lunatic Cultist with more attacks and new behavior.


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Phase 1[]

Lunatic Cultist behaves similar to his original counterpart albeit with some new abilities:

Removed contact damage from Cultist himself

Summoning ritual produces an arena of Phantasmal Eyes that prevents player escape

The player is now in the middle of the ritual while the cultists circle and track the player

The arena is respawned as the ritual in the middle whenever a ritual starts and keeps moving with the player until the ritual is over

Both the Phantasm Dragon and Ancient Vision are spawned if the player does not choose the correct cultist

Cultist clones do not disappear even if the correct cultist is chosen

Cultist Clones have new supporting attacks based on Lunatic Cultist's attack:

  1. Homing fireballs support is Solar Fragments shot by each clone
  1. Ice Mist support is Frost Waves shot by each clone
  1. Lightning orb support is a bolt of lightning shot by each clone
  1. Ancient Light support is a rain of Flow Invader shots
  1. Ancient Doom support is nebula spheres shot by each clone

Phantasmal Dragon inflicts Curse of the Moon, Clipped Wings, and Mutant Nibble

Ancient Doom has 2500 life, spins about as it spawns in, and doesn't deal contact damage.

Phase 2[]

Enters phase 2 at 50% HP.

Cultists spin around the player faster

Shoots a slow-moving ring of fireballs instead of fast homing ones. No Solar Fragments support in phase 2

Lightning orb support is vortex portals that hover above the player and rain down bolts

Ice Mist support is an extremely fast burst of Frost Waves on both sides of the player

Ritual also summons a Celestial Pillar that Lunatic Cultist slam dunks on the player which explodes into 3 rings of celestial fragment projectiles. The pillar is selected based on how much damage he has taken from each class throughout the fight.


Appearance Name Conditions
Phantasm Dragon.png Phantasm Dragon If summoning ritual succeeds
Ancient Vision.png Ancient Vision If summoning ritual succeeds


Source Debuffs
Passive Chaos StateChaos State
Fireball On Fire!On Fire!
Ice Mist
Frost Wave
Lightning Bolt ElectrifiedElectrified
Lightning Orb Fargo's Mod/Lightning RodLightning Rod
Ancient Light Fargo's Mod/PurifiedPurified
Flow Invader shots FrostburnFrostburn
Ancient Doom Fargo's Mod/Marked for DeathMarked for Death
Outside Arena Fargo's Mod/Curse of the MoonCurse of the Moon
Phantasmal Dragon Fargo's Mod/Curse of the MoonCurse of the Moon
Fargo's Mod/Clipped WingsClipped Wings
Fargo's Mod/Mutant NibbleMutant Nibble
All Celestial Pillars Fargo's Mod/StunnedStunned
Fargo's Mod/Marked for DeathMarked for Death
Solar Fragments Fargo's Mod/HexedHexed
Fargo's Mod/AtrophiedAtrophied
Vortex Fragments Fargo's Mod/HexedHexed
Fargo's Mod/JammedJammed
Nebula Fragments Fargo's Mod/HexedHexed
Fargo's Mod/Reverse Mana FlowReverse Mana Flow
Stardust Fragments Fargo's Mod/HexedHexed
Fargo's Mod/AntisocialAntisocial


  • Lunatic Cultist drops a Zealot's Possession on spawn if it hasn't been defeated yet.
  • Lunatic Cultist can naturally spawn in the Dungeon after being defeated once.


  • If the Eternity Mode Recolors option is turned on in the Mod Configurations menu, it resembles the Solar Cultist set.


  • During the second phase summoning ritual, using autopause can help you find the correct cultist.

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