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Force of Will
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TypeAccessoryCrafting material
Tooltip'A mind of unbreakable determination'
Press the Gold hotkey to be encased in a Golden Shell
20% chance for enemies to drop 5x loot
Spears will rain down on struck enemies
Double tap down to create a localized rain of arrows
Increase the effectiveness of healing sources by 50%
RarityRarity level: 11

The Force of Will is a craftable post-Moon Lord accessory.

It combines the effects of the Gold Enchantment, the Platinum Enchantment, the Gladiator Enchantment, the Red Riding Enchantment, and the Valhalla Knight Enchantment. In depth, it provides;

50% increase healing effectiveness

Greatly enhances Explosive Trap and Ballista Sentries

20% cheaper prices and better enchantments

Attacking enemies inflict Midas, create coins, summon 10 javelins

Killing enemies drop 5x loot with 20% chance

Increases Coin collection range

Grants the ability to hide in a golden shell for 10 second invincibility but cant move or attack (50s cooldown)

Double tap down to summon a rain of arrows near cursor based on arrow type in inventory (15s cooldown)



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Force of WillForce of Will
Fargo's Mod/Crucible of the CosmosCrucible of the Cosmos

Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Soul of TerrariaSoul of Terraria
Fargo's Mod/Crucible of the CosmosCrucible of the Cosmos


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