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Embrace eternity...
Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.

Eternity Mode has a wide number of general changes to the game on top of Expert Mode. This includes adjustments of vanilla mechanics, buffing certain hostile projectiles, rebalancing existing weapons or equipment, as well as a wide variety of quality of life changes.


  • A Mutant Statue generates near the player's spawn in newly-created worlds.
  • Turning on Eternity Mode always activates Expert Mode as well.
  • Deviantt spawns when Eternity Mode is activated, gives a starter pack to players, and has new dialogue to provide tips and warnings for the player, lines change with progression.
  • Spawn rates are multiplied by 1.1x and max spawns are multiplied by 1.25x.
  • Bosses prevent normal enemies from spawning while the boss is alive.
  • Bosses will drop their summon item when spawned if they have not been defeated yet. This includes Betsy and the Sibling Bosses.
  • All bosses will prevent other bosses from naturally spawning, except during a blood moon.
  • All mobs drop 40% more coins (this stacks with Expert Mode's x2.5, total x3.5).
  • Falling far enough to receive fall damage inflicts Dazed for 2 seconds. Fall damage immunity prevents it entirely.
  • Lightning bolts do increased damage and inflict Electrified.
  • Water always inflicts Lethargic when submerged unless the player has a buff or accessory that allows them to swim.
  • Slimed debuff slows the player and shortens their jump height.
  • Shadowflame debuff causes damage over time (which it does not do in vanilla because it cannot normally be inflicted to players).
  • Flame Traps and Geysers always inflict On Fire!
  • Using the Nurse during a boss fight causes the Recovering debuff, disabling the Nurse for its duration
  • On Fire! wears off faster when the player is above ground and not in front of any background walls during the rain.
  • All cacti can damage players that walk through them. The Sands of Time grant immunity to this.
  • Breaking 2+ Shadow Orbs immediately triggers Goblin Invasion if the player hasn't already defeated Goblins and conditions to start an invasion are satisfied.
  • Defeating Goblins for the first time spawns Abominationn to join your NPC town.
  • Rain and Sandstorm are disabled until a boss is defeated or Abominationn joins the player's town.


All weapon stat changes are applied directly to the weapon's base stats. As a result, they are multiplicative with all other modifiers.

Buff Item
Spawn 2 minions per slot Slime StaffSlime Staff
Higher hit rate
+25% damage Sky Dragon's FurySky Dragon's Fury
+33% damage
+33% speed
+33% velocity
Flying DragonFlying Dragon

Biome Debuffs[]

Many biomes in the game inflict debuffs onto the player:

Biome debuffs can be collectively prevented by equipping the Fargo's Mod/Pure HeartPure Heart. Debuffs caused by entering water can be prevented with Fargo's Mod/Mutant AntibodiesMutant Antibodies. Debuffs caused by cactus damage can be prevented with Fargo's Mod/Sands of TimeSands of Time. In particular, the Flipped debuff applied by the underground Hallow can also be resisted with a Gravitation PotionGravitation Potion, which prevents Flipped's effects from applying (though the debuff itself is still given to the player).

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