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Embrace eternity...
Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
Eternal Energy
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TypeConsumableCrafting material
Use time16 (Very fast)
TooltipGrants immunity to almost all Eternity Mode debuffs
'Proof of having embraced eternity'
7 minute duration
Grants BuffFargo's Mod/Eternity (buff)Eternity
Buff duration7 minutes
Buff tooltipThe power of Eternity Mode is with you
RarityRarity level: Rainbow
SellNo value
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Mutant (boss) 15-20 100%

Eternal Energy is a material exclusive to Eternity Mode. It can also be consumed, granting the Eternity buff for 7 minutes, which grants immunity to most Eternity Mode debuffs with a few exceptions. It is always dropped by the Mutant.


Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Soul of EternitySoul of Eternity
Fargo's Mod/Crucible of the CosmosCrucible of the Cosmos
Amalgamated Arrow QuiverAmalgamated Arrow Quiver
Amalgamated Bullet PouchAmalgamated Bullet Pouch
True Mutant BodyTrue Mutant Body
True Mutant HeadTrue Mutant Head
True Mutant PantsTrue Mutant Pants
Slime RainSlime Rain
Sparkling LoveSparkling Love
Styx GazerStyx Gazer
The GuardianThe Guardian
Phantasmal Leash of CthulhuPhantasmal Leash of Cthulhu
The PenetratorThe Penetrator


  • The sprite of the item is from a material that was in the mod at one point, Mutating Energy.
  • The buff name is possibly a reference to Deltarune.
  • The item sprite ingame also cycles through the colors of the rainbow, much like the Rainbow Brick.


  • 1.3.0: Renamed from "Sadism" to "Eternal Energy".
  • 0.6.0: Introduced.
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