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Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
Dungeon Guardian (Eternity Mode)
Dungeon Guardian (Fargo's Mod).png
AI TypeDungeon Guardian AI
Damage1000 (Contact)
500 (Guardian attacks)
Max Life4,999
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused
Map Icon Skeletron (Fargo's Mod).png
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For the vanilla page, see Dungeon Guardian.

Eternity Mode Dungeon Guardian is a significantly more powerful version of the Dungeon Guardian with new attacks. It can be summoned by going below 0 depth into the dungeon before Skeletron has been defeated, or by using a Suspicious Skull while the time is day.


Dungeon Guardian will always chase the player while repeating a pattern of five attacks:

  • Spawns large amount of Bones from above Dungeon Guardian that rains down.
  • Releases rings of 6 Cursed Skull.png Cursed Skulls that homes in on the player after a short time. Dungeon Guardian will do this 2 more times.
  • Summons horizontal and vertical walls of massive Skeletron Head.png Dungeon Guardians and each wall consists of five Dungeon Guardians, that rushes in on the player, and despawns upon reaching the center. This attack starts with white lines as an indicator for each Guardian which indicates their flight path.
  • Creates an implosion of many smaller Skeletron Head.png Dungeon Guardians that centered on the player. This attack also starts with indicators similar to the last attack.
  • Casts many massive Skeletron Head.png Dungeon Guardians from above and below, however the guardians that spawns on the left side flies 45° to the left instead of going straight up/down, and that the Guardians spawn on the right side flies 45° to the right instead of going straight up/down. This attack also starts with indicators similar to the last attack.

The pattern then repeats.


Source Debuffs Duration
Dungeon Guardian (Fargo's Mod).png Contact Fargo's Mod/God EaterGod Eater
Fargo's Mod/Flames of the UniverseFlames of the Universe
Fargo's Mod/Marked for DeathMarked for Death
7 seconds
Dungeon Guardian.png Mini Guardians BlackoutBlackout Unknown
Dungeon Guardian.png Big Guardians BlackoutBlackout
Fargo's Mod/Marked for DeathMarked for Death
Cursed Skull.png Cursed Skulls CursedCursed Unknown


  • The last attack before the pattern repeats can be dodged by just standing still. However, you may want to consider the guardian's speed and space out before the attack comes.
  • If player gets too far from Eternity Dungeon Guardian, it will teleport close to them.
  • Eternity Dungeon Guardian tracks player with their horizontal speed meaning he cannot be outrun by just running using no means other than teleporting by items such as Rod of Discord, however you can space out with dungeon guardian by flying up and down.


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