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Eternity Mode-Only Content: This information applies only to Eternity Mode and Eternity Mode worlds.
Duke Fishron (Eternity Mode)
AI TypeDuke Fishron AI
Damage140 (all attacks)
Max Life60,000
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused
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Did you beat that fish pig dragon yet? He reduces your maximum life a little on every hit. He's strong enough to break defenses in one hit. Too bad you don't have any reinforced plating to prevent that, right?

Fargo's Mod/DevianttDeviantt

For the vanilla page, see Duke Fishron.

Eternity Mode Duke Fishron is a Hardmode boss. He is a more powerful version of Duke Fishron with more attacks and new behavior.


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Phase 1[]

Duke Fishron behaves similar to his original counterpart albeit with some new abilities:

Always moves 25% faster

All attacks inflict Oceanic Maul reduces the player's max life by 25 per hit, 50 on direct contact

Detonating Bubbles are immune to Inferno Potion

Summons two lesser Fishrons that dash at the player from either above & below or left & right of the player when blowing bubbles in phase 1

Lesser Fishrons spawn around the player and dash once then explode into gores

Creates a ring of Razorblade Typhoons when summoning Sharknados

Sharkrons have increased defensive stats and are immune to On Fire!

Enrage is amplified and attacks extremely aggressively outside of the Ocean

Phase 2[]

Regenerates to 100% life and is invulnerable while entering phase 2

Cthulunados have a small delay before properly spawning

Creates 4 rings of Razorblade Typhoons while spinning and spawning bubbles in phase 2, two fast rings and two slow rings

Spawns two sets of five lesser Fishrons that dash at the player from either above & below or left & right of the player with every Cthulhunado in phase 2

Spawns a Sharknando along with a Cthulhunado, instead of just a Cthulhunado;.

Phase 3[]

Regenerates 33%/20000 life back and becomes immune to debuffs upon entering phase 3

All Sharkrons, Sharknados, and Cthulhunados despawn upon entering phase 3

Cannot be killed before entering phase 3

Has 2 trails of indestructible bubbles with every dash

Creates rings of 6 Razorblade Typhoons with a spiraling pattern with each teleport in phase 3

Duke fishron uses this behavior, teleporting after performing the attack

  1. Dashes once.
  2. Summons 4 lesser fishrons around the players, then dashes once.
  3. Roars and shoots a spread of bubbles, then performs 2 dashes, which are much faster.


Appearance Name Conditions Notes
Detonating Bubble.png Detonating Bubble Conditions Unknown Can be destroyed by friendly projectiles
Detonating Bubble.png Detonating bubble (projectile) In phase 3 with every dash Indestructible
Sharkron (Fargo's Mod).png Sharkron From sharknados and cthulhunados


Source Debuffs Duration
All attacks Fargo's Mod/Oceanic MaulOceanic Maul 30 seconds, 60 seconds (Contact)
Contact Fargo's Mod/DefenselessDefenseless
Feral BiteFeral Bite
Fargo's Mod/Mutant NibbleMutant Nibble
10 seconds
Sharkrons Fargo's Mod/DefenselessDefenseless
Fargo's Mod/Mutant NibbleMutant Nibble
10 seconds
5 seconds
Denotating Bubbles WetWet 3-8 seconds


  • Duke Fishron drops a Truffly Worm on spawn if it hasn't been defeated yet.
  • Duke Fishron can naturally spawn in the Ocean after being defeated once.


  • If the Eternity Mode Recolors option is turned on in the Mod Configurations menu, it resembles the Pigron Mount.
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