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Abominable Energy
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TypeCrafting material
RarityRarity level: 11
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Abominationn (boss) 15-30 100%

The Abominable Energy is a crafting material dropped by the Abominationn. It is used in the creation of various Souls, weapons and True Mutant armor.


Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Soul of the TyrantSoul of the Tyrant (With Calamity)
Fargo's Mod/Draedon's ForgeDraedon's Forge

Soul of YggdrasilSoul of Yggdrasil (With Thorium)
Fargo's Mod/Crucible of the CosmosCrucible of the Cosmos
Soul of DimensionsSoul of Dimensions
Soul of the MasterSoul of the Master
Soul of TerrariaSoul of Terraria
Soul of the UniverseSoul of the Universe
Styx CrownStyx Crown
Styx ChestplateStyx Chestplate
Styx LeggingsStyx Leggings
True Mutant HeadTrue Mutant Head
True Mutant BodyTrue Mutant Body
True Mutant PantsTrue Mutant Pants
Abominationn Voodoo DollAbominationn Voodoo Doll (5)
The BlenderThe Blender
Destruction CannonDestruction Cannon
The LandslideThe Landslide
Dragon's DemiseDragon's Demise
Gemini GlaivesGemini Glaives
Diffractor BlasterDiffractor Blaster
Nuke FishronNuke Fishron
Sparkling LoveSparkling Love
Styx GazerStyx Gazer
The PenetratorThe Penetrator


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