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Note: This wiki is not finished yet. For information regarding this mod's content, visit the Extra Explosives Mod Discord server. Thank you for your patience
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Extra Explosives Mod is a mod all about adding new and exciting explosives to Terraria. Have you ever noticed that there isn't enough explosives in the game? Well, we got you! Thanks to tModloader, and the team that made it, we have been able to create a mod that expands on past the basic explosives like dynamite and bombs.
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  • Head Director: Volcanic
  • Vise Director: Charlie
  • Programmers: Volcanic, Charlie, Codeloquence, and V8 Ninja
  • Spriters: Kranot and Byron
  • Sound Technician: ZETRYJEN


  • Wiki: naka
  • Others: Fire, DaveDeBoss, and Stevie