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Hallowed Weaving Anvil (Placed) (Entropy's Edge).pngThe Mod

Are you tired of boring old vanilla? Do you have a bunch of issues with how vanilla handles itself? Do you just want a bunch of new content?

Well, look no further! Entropy's Edge runs wild with vanilla progression, rewriting it where possible to bring you a full overhaul to the yo-yo subclass, a brand new synergy system, extensive compatability with some of the biggest mods in the business such as Calamity and Thorium, and an expansion to the "pure" Hallow that is home to various "passive" creatures, with dozens of new weapons, accessories and other items, all topped off with a brand new opponent to battle.

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Entropy's Edge
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Logo (Entropy's Edge).pngCredits
  • Owner and Creator of Entropy's Edge: ThomasThePencil
  • Spriters: OmegaOof
  • Contributors: Dominic Karma, Providab the Yoten God, BumbleDoge, Seraph, Altix, XVader
Community Members:
  • Wiki Editors: Altix, Krantuckety, Lego Bricc
  • Beta Testers: Altix, OmegaOof, Vetus Dea, Lego Bricc, Seraph
  • Calamity Compatability: Dominic Karma, Ozzatron