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The Emphatic, Untamed Calamity Mod and a large amount of its content have lore associated with them. The lore of Emphatic Untamed Calamity is more directly tied to gameplay then that of base Calamity, although much of it is still unnecessary to the central gameplay of the mod.

Calamity Lore Changes[]

The Emphatic, Untamed Calamity Mod's story takes place in an alternate canon to that of base Calamity and changes certain parts of its lore to allow for new characters, locations, and story arcs. It is recommended that those who wish to become acquainted with the lore first become familiar with the lore of base calamity.

Xeroc, Providence, and the Overseers[]

  • The story that Providence was created by a collision of light and dark energy during a massive battle was false. Not a purposeful fabrication, but a historical mistake taken for truth. In actuality, while providence first made herself known during that fateful battle, she had lived for a long time beforehand. She also wasn't entirely unique, but instead was a member of a race of gods whose power transcended nearly all others. This race, was known as the Overseers. Originally, there were many overseers, and the most powerful of them had the ability to alter the universe on a large scale. Their ruler, and the most powerful of the all, was Xeroc.

    The Overseers were always inclined to order, and preserving the current, "living" state of the universe was always their calling. However another species of deities also lived during this time. They were the Great Old Ones, and they were the only race strong enough to rival the power of the Overseers. The Great Old Ones above all were inclined to create chaos and entropy, and their calling was to see the heat death of the universe. This conflict of ideologies led the great old ones to wage war against the Overseers.

    The war between the races was brutal beyond measure. It lasted tens of thousands of years and caused heavy losses on both sides. The Overseers began to gain the upper hand, largely due to Xeroc's immense power. So, the leader of the great old ones: Cthulhu, and his brother, the Moon Lord, began work on a superweapon like no other. By the time the weapon was ready, the Overseers had all but wiped out the Great Old Ones, and victory in the war was at hand. when Cthulhu and the Moon Lord unleashed the weapon, Noxus, on Xeroc, aiming to defeat the most powerful of the enemy in one all-out assault. The battle shook the very foundations of the universe, and Xeroc at first seemed to have the upper hand. With his first attack, he sliced the Moon Lord in half and banished him to the moon of a lonely planet called Terraria. But the overwhelming power of Noxus overwhelmed even Xeroc. in one last act of desperation Xeroc unleashed all his remaining power in one massive attack, that obliterated Cthulhu, and brought himself to near death. however, Noxus was still operational, and without someone controlling it, went on a rampage, in which the remaining members of both races perished.

    Or so it had seemed, alongside the now sealed Moon Lord, three Overseers survived. These three are Xeroc, and his two daughters: Providence, and Anathema.

    By the time that the Tyrant king rose to power, Xeroc had restored himself. He vowed to locate Noxus and obliterate it before it regains it's full power and finishes it's task. Providence resides in the sun, but her mind has been lost to delusions of purity. The state and whereabouts of Anathema are unknown, but a small and highly dedicated coven worship her, believing that she will appear. When she does, they believe that she will destroy everything, and a new age will rise.
  • Lore Items[]

    Lore Items
    Item Name Tooltip Effects Source Rarity
    Goozma (Lore) (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).png
    Goozma Such a perversion of the infections that plague our planet.
    It is a shame that a creature with such potential had to be destroyed, but it did not belong in this world.
    None Emphatic Untamed Calamity/GoozmaGoozma Rarity level: 10

    Character and Location Lore[]

    Goozma map (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).png Goozma
    Goozma map (Emphatic Untamed Calamity).png

  • Upon the release of the ancient souls of light and dark, the Crystallized corpse of the Slime God rose once more. Now charged with these ancient souls, the rejuvenated Slime God would scour the realm, absorbing the crystallized denizens of the Hallow and the malformed beasts that roamed the Star-Fallen Rock and the infection that surrounded it. This malformed reincarnation of the Slime God was now a manifestation of the Good, Evil and the Cosmos, and as such it created guardians imbued with the essences of the biomes in which the Slime God had absorbed.
    And just as the Slime Gods power grew, the foregone souls within it would begin to settle and work as one, eventually adopting a title more grand and more fitting for the Slime God, a true god of all things slimy; Goozma, Diety of the Amorphous.
  • Plague Cell Canister (Calamity's Vanities).png Plagued Jungle
    Plague Cell Canister (Calamity's Vanities).png

  • Despite Yharim's order to shut down the Plague experiment, his Head Scientist Draedon would continue his work in secret. Still fascinated by the rotting nano-machines, he would enact trials on live subjects until inevitably one breached containment, unleashing it to the jungle.

    The Nano-Machines immediately spread to all life they could, rotting their insides and malforming their hosts bodies until they became cold, diseased metal shells of their former selves whose only purpose was the spreading of the nano-machines, centralized in a hive near the heart of the jungle
    Insects and reptiles, amphibians and fish; all fell victim to the Nano-Machines in their efforts to infect and weaponize the fauna they reside within.

    Thus, the Plagued Jungle was born.
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