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Welcome to the Celestial Infernal Mod Wiki!

The Mod

Celestial Infernal is a mod for Terraria that adds many various new bosses, along with tons of new loot to collect, weaponry to wield, and armor to equip. The mod is all about filling in the more boring gaps of the land of Terraria, and painting a fresh new coat onto vanilla Terraria for those who wish for more in Terraria.

Celestial Infernal
  • Putrid Core (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngAccessories
  • Royal Mushroom Helmet (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngArmors
  • Broken Hero Bow (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngCrafting Materials
  • Light's Butcherer (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngWeapons
  • Demonic Axe (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngTools
  • Ammo
  • Pixie Medalion (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngSummoning Items
  • Consumables
  • Putrid Wings (Celestial Infernal Mod).pngWings

If you'd like to chat, request for help with the mod, or want to help with the mod whether its with programming, spriting, or assisting with the creation of the wiki, visit the Celestial Infernal Mod Discord.