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Apacchi's Classes Mod currently adds 23 class options, which can be equipped as accessories to grant passive bonuses to various stats as well as allow access to a unique passive and 2 active abilities for each class.

List of Classes[]

All Classes[]

Melee Damage Classes[]

Magic Damage Classes[]

Ranged Damage Classes[]

Summon Damage Classes[]

Throwing Damage Classes[]

Hybrid Classes[]

Class Picker[]

Class Picker
  • Class Picker item sprite
TypeCrafting material
TooltipPick your class
RarityRarity level: 0
Buy / Sell30 / 6

The Class Picker is the item used to access the various classes available in Apacchii's Classes Mod. It is automatically in the inventory of any newly created character, and can be purchased from the Class Master NPC at any point for 30. In order to obtain a class, it must be crafted by hand into any one of the Level 1 Class accessories, which can then be equipped to gain access to that class' unique abilities and stat increases.

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Any Level 1 ClassAny Level 1 Class
  • Apacchiis Classes Mod/Class PickerClass Picker
By Hand

Class Tokens[]

Class Tokens
  • Level 2 Class Token (Apacchiis Classes Mod).png Level 3 Class Token (Apacchiis Classes Mod).png Level 4 Class Token (Apacchiis Classes Mod).png Level 5 Class Token (Apacchiis Classes Mod).png
    Level 6 Class Token (Apacchiis Classes Mod).png Level 7 Class Token (Apacchiis Classes Mod).png Level 8 Class Token (Apacchiis Classes Mod).png Ultimate Class Token (Apacchiis Classes Mod).png
TypeCrafting material
RarityRarity level: 0
Buy / Sell20 (adjustable in Mod Configuration) / 4

Class Tokens are crafting materials that can be purchased from the Class Master after certain bosses have been defeated, and allow the player to upgrade their class accessories. An improved class level upgrades the passive stats that the accessory grants, and sometimes makes the class' unique abilities more powerful. In order to upgrade their class, the player can combine their current class accessory with a Class Token of one level higher than their current class at a work bench. The bosses that must be defeated in order to allow the Class Master to begin selling higher level classes are as follows:

Upon upgrading a Level 4 class to Level 5, a player must choose from one of two Path options that are specific to each class. A Path can offer special upgrades to one of the class' unique abilities, as well as bonuses to the base stats that the class grants. A class accessory of a certain Path can only be upgraded into higher levels of that same Path, and the player cannot switch Paths without buying a new Class Picker and beginning the upgrade process from scratch.

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Higher Level ClassHigher Level Class
Work BenchWork Bench