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Worm Idol
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TooltipAn idol to worship a worm god. It leads to the skies.
RarityRarity level: 11

Take this. It's an old artifact that will come in handy soon. It should direct you towards a...special place to the people of this world. read the plaques there. They'll tell you what to do. We got some work to do if we want to clear out some of the major evils in the world.

Ancients Awakened/LegendscribeLegendscribe

The Worm Idol is a tool item that is given from Anubis after defeating his awakened form for the first time. When held, a worm-shaped pointer appears on the player's head, leading them to the Equinox Altar. It can be also inserted into the center altar slot of the Equinox Altar with the other two artifacts.


  • This item shares a similar function to the Grim Pointer item from Thorium Mod, which this item is mainly based of.
  • This item used to drop from Worm King Greed in the early betas of 1.0, and it had no uses aside from making his theme's music box.
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