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The Void is a biome added by the Ancients Awakened mod.

The Void is found on the right side of the world at space level. It has multiple islands that have structures which include chests containing powerful Pre-Hardmode weapons, and a Strange Machine that looms in the center. In Pre-Hardmode, only one enemy spawns which drops Doomite Scrap, and Sagittarius can be challenged after defeating Skeletron.

After defeating Plantera, two new enemies start spawning which currently have no drops, but add up to increased challenge. Also in Hardmode, all enemies in here have a chance to drop Doomstopper Chip which is used to unlock the Void Chest in the Dungeon.

After defeating Moon Lord, Searchers start spawning which drop Apocalyptite. Defeating Equinox Worms will allow you to craft Doomsday Tesseract, which will allow you to challenge Zero.

After defeating Zero, a giant vortex appears in the background along with a giant silhouette. The giant silhouette is revealed to be Infinity Zero, an upcoming Superancient which is observing you before attacking.


The Void
Characters Unique Drops
Ancients Awakened/Stone SearcherStone Searcher
Strange Machine (Ancients Awakened).png Strange Machine

After defeating Sagittarius:

Ancients Awakened/Shadow ScoutShadow Scout

After defeating Plantera:

Ancients Awakened/Void ScoutVoid Scout
Ancients Awakened/Vortex (Enemy)Vortex (Enemy)

After defeating Moon Lord:

Ancients Awakened/SearcherSearcher

After defeating Zero:

Ancients Awakened/NullNull


Ancients Awakened/SagittariusSagittarius
Zero (Ancients Awakened).png Zero
Ancients Awakened/Zero ProtocolZero Protocol
From The Environment:
Ancients Awakened/Oroboros WoodOroboros Wood
Ancients Awakened/Charged DoomstoneCharged Doomstone
Ancients Awakened/DoomstoneDoomstone
Ancients Awakened/Doomite ScrapDoomite Scrap


Ancients Awakened/Stone Searcher BannerStone Searcher Banner
Ancients Awakened/Shadow Scout BannerShadow Scout Banner
Ancients Awakened/Void Scout BannerVoid Scout Banner
Ancients Awakened/Vortex BannerVortex Banner
Ancients Awakened/Null BannerNull Banner

From Stone Searchers:

Ancients Awakened/Doomite ScrapDoomite Scrap

From Shadow Scouts and Sagittarius:

Ancients Awakened/Doomite BarDoomite Bar

From any enemy in Hardmode:

Ancients Awakened/Doomstopper ChipDoomstopper Chip

From Searchers:

Ancients Awakened/ApocalyptiteApocalyptite

From Nulls and Zero:

Ancients Awakened/Unstable SingularityUnstable Singularity

From Sagittarius:

Ancients Awakened/Sagittarius' LegSagittarius' Leg
Ancients Awakened/Neutron RodNeutron Rod
Ancients Awakened/Sagittarius CoreSagittarius Core
Ancients Awakened/Doomite BarDoomite Bar
Ancients Awakened/Sagittarius TrophySagittarius Trophy
Ancients Awakened/Sagittarius MaskSagittarius Mask
Ancients Awakened/Treasure Bag (Sagittarius)Treasure Bag (Sagittarius)
Ancients Awakened/Sagittarius ShieldSagittarius Shield

From Zero:

Ancients Awakened/Apocalyptite PlateApocalyptite Plate
Ancients Awakened/Doomsday TerratoolDoomsday Terratool
Ancients Awakened/Rift ShredderRift Shredder
Ancients Awakened/Event HorizonEvent Horizon
Ancients Awakened/VortexVortex
Ancients Awakened/NeutralizerNeutralizer
Ancients Awakened/Singularity ArrowSingularity Arrow
Ancients Awakened/Unstable Power CellUnstable Power Cell
Ancients Awakened/Reality CannonReality Cannon
Ancients Awakened/Void StarVoid Star
Ancients Awakened/Nova FocusNova Focus
Ancients Awakened/Broken Zero WeaponBroken Zero Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Unstable SingularityUnstable Singularity
Ancients Awakened/Zero TrophyZero Trophy
Ancients Awakened/Zero MaskZero Mask

From Zero Protocol:

Ancients Awakened/Treasure Bag (Zero)Treasure Bag (Zero)
Ancients Awakened/Broken CodeBroken Code


  • The upcoming theme for the Void is Waste of Space which was composed by ProVGM.
  • It is possible to create a Underground Void biome through the use of Void Flasks and Black Solution, although Underground Void yields no exclusive items or enemies.
  • The Void will be receiving an overhaul in a future update.