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Not to be confused with the vanilla item Terrarium.

The Terrarium is one of the biomes in the Ancients Awakened mod. It is located in the center of the world, in the Caverns below the spawn point. It uniquely buffs players with Terra's Guidance, preventing fall damage. All blocks that make up the biome cannot be mined at all.

Enemies start spawning in this biome after either the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu is defeated. They will often drop Terra Shards.

Enemies in the biome become stronger after Plantera has been defeated. They inflict a strong debuff called Terrablaze and have an uncommon chance to drop the Terra Prism, which can be used to upgrade most weapons to more powerful variants.


The Terrarium
Characters Unique Drops

After either the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu have been defeated:

Ancients Awakened/Purity SquidPurity Squid
Ancients Awakened/Purity SpherePurity Sphere
Ancients Awakened/Purity WeaverPurity Weaver
Ancients Awakened/Purity CrawlerPurity Crawler

During Hardmode:

Ancients Awakened/Terra ProbeTerra Probe
Ancients Awakened/Terra WatcherTerra Watcher
Ancients Awakened/Terra SquireTerra Squire

After Plantera has been defeated:

Ancients Awakened/Terra SquidTerra Squid
Ancients Awakened/Terra CrawlerTerra Crawler
Ancients Awakened/Terra WeaverTerra Weaver
Ancients Awakened/Terra SphereTerra Sphere
Ancients Awakened/Terra KnightTerra Knight
Ancients Awakened/Terra DeadshotTerra Deadshot
Ancients Awakened/Terra WizardTerra Wizard
Ancients Awakened/Terra WarlockTerra Warlock

After The Equinox Worms have been defeated:

Ancients Awakened/Terra SerpentTerra Serpent

From the Purity Squid, Purity Sphere, Purity Crawler, and the Terra Weaver:

Ancients Awakened/Terra ShardTerra Shard

From the Terra Knight, Terra Deadshot, Terra Wizard, and the Terra Warlock:

Ancients Awakened/Terra PrismTerra Prism


  • Theme of the Terrarium is Heart of the World, which was composed by Shadow Figure and charliedebnam.
    • This theme also contains some leitmotifs of title theme and daytime overworld theme of the vanilla game as well.
  • Terrarium means a vivarium for smaller land animals, especially reptiles, amphibians, or terrestrial invertebrates, typically in the form of a glass-fronted case.
  • The Terrarium always generates at the center of the world. Due to the structure being split into 2 sections, it’s placement, leaving a large hole down the middle, as well as the fall damage immunity it provides, it cuts down around 200 blocks the player has to mine for a hellevator.
  • The Terrarium is based on Yggdrasil, the world tree at the center of existence in ancient Nordic mythology.
  • According the lore, The Terrarium is the corpse of the Heart of Nature. It got shattered by ??? when he absorbed the Chaos Storm's powers. The majority of the Heart of Nature's powers went to Terra, Hero of Nature and the rest became the Heart of the Jungle.
  • The Terrarium is going to be replaced with The Lost Keep in a future update. Additionally, its location will be changed as well, but the tree of life will still remain.
  • Mimics can spawn in this biome before the EoW/BoC has been defeated, making for useful loot in pre hardmode.