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The Mire is a biome added by the Ancients Awakened mod and is one of the two Chaos Biomes. The Mire has a swampy and amphibious theme, contrasting the Inferno's fire and draconian theme. The Mire is guaranteed to appear in the world, appearing on the side with the Jungle.

The Mire contains many dangers in both Pre-Hardmode, Hardmode, and post-Moon Lord. In the center of the Mire is the Lake of the Rising Moon that leads to a cave with Mire Pods, which can be broken to obtain loot and summon the Hydra. The player can die in the lake due to drowning. The Mire also contains the Mire Altar, which is functionally identical to the Demon Altar. The Mire also contains an island above the Lake of the Rising Moon which can be used post-Sisters of Discord to summon Yamata, Dread Nightmare. Many enemies can also spawn in the Mire, however they can only spawn during the night. If the player enters the Mire during the day, their view will be completely obstructed by fog.

Upon world generation, the Mire can extend into the Jungle and Desert biomes. However, the Mire cannot spread like the Corruption and the Crimson. Also, for functional purposes the Mire counts as a Jungle. Meaning that Plantera won't enrage when in the Mire. However, once the Wall of Flesh is defeated the Mire will expand. In Hardmode, the Mire can be spread by the Clentaminator using Indigo Solution. It can also be spread by using Dank Seeds. The Mire can be cleared by either using Order Solution or Sunpowder.


The Mire
Characters Unique Drops


Ancients Awakened/Hydra ClawHydra Claw
Ancients Awakened/MossterMosster
Ancients Awakened/Murky SlimeMurky Slime
Ancients Awakened/NewtNewt
Ancients Awakened/SkulkerSkulker
Ancients Awakened/Fog AnglerFog Angler
Ancients Awakened/Mire LeechMire Leech(With GRealm)
Ancients Awakened/The HydraThe Hydra(Boss)

During Hardmode:

Ancients Awakened/ToxitoadToxitoad
Ancients Awakened/KappaKappa

Underground Mire (Hardmode):

Ancients Awakened/MiresquitoMiresquito
Ancients Awakened/Chaotic TwilightChaotic Twilight
Ancients Awakened/Mire MimicMire Mimic

Underground Snow mire (Hardmode):

Ancients Awakened/PigronPigron

Smashing a Mire Altar:

Ancients Awakened/Chaos DragonChaos Dragon

Post-Moon Lord:

Ancients Awakened/SoulsuckerSoulsucker
Ancients Awakened/Yamata, Dread NightmareYamata, Dread Nightmare(Ancient Boss)

After defeating Akuma and Yamata:

Ancients Awakened/Shen DoragonShen Doragon(Superancient Boss)

From The Environment:

Ancients Awakened/BogwoodBogwood
Ancients Awakened/DepthstoneDepthstone
Ancients Awakened/Indigo IceIndigo Ice
Ancients Awakened/DepthsandDepthsand
Ancients Awakened/Hardened DepthsandHardened Depthsand
Ancients Awakened/DepthsandstoneDepthsandstone

From All Mire Enemies:

Ancients Awakened/Mire PodMire Pod
Ancients Awakened/Soul of SpiteSoul of Spite(In Hardmode While Underground)
Ancients Awakened/Mire KeyMire Key(Hardmode;Rare)

From Fishing:

Ancients Awakened/Mire CrateMire Crate

From Kappas and Miresquitos:

Ancients Awakened/BogtoxinBogtoxin

From Chaotic Twilight:

Ancients Awakened/Abyssal TwilightAbyssal Twilight

From Mire Mimics:

Ancients Awakened/Botched BandBotched Band
Ancients Awakened/BubbleshotBubbleshot
Ancients Awakened/Back ScratcherBack Scratcher

From Soulsuckers:

Ancients Awakened/Terror SoulTerror Soul


  • The upcoming themes for the Mire are Dread Haze for night-time, Murky Haze for daytime and Dampened Darkness for underground. all created by ProVISIO.
  • After defeating the Equinox Worms and Sisters of Discord, the theme of Lake of the Rising Moon is The Lake of Souls, composed by RockWizard2; and after defeating Yamata, it changes to Sleeping Giant, composed by LCS.
    • Sleeping Giant is played temporarily due to the remake of Sleeping Dragon not done yet. Due to it being the only pre-Superancient theme implemented, it is temporarily implemented, and changed to Sleeping Dragon remake when the time comes.
  • During daytime, this biome is covered with a obscure fog which prevents a huge amount of vision during exploration and no enemies spawn. If Hydra is attempted to summon, she despawns instead.
    • When the Lantern is equipped or after defeating Yamata, the fog is lifted; allowing exploration at all times.
  • The Mire will be receiving an overhaul in a future update.
  • The Mire replaces the Lunar Moon Forest if the mod Adventurer's Dream is enabled; this is due the weird world gen that can happen with many mods enabled, and because the Lunar Moon Forest and the Mire share a similar theme.