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The Inferno is a biome added by the Ancients Awakened mod and is one of the two Chaos Biomes. The Inferno has a fire and draconian theme, contrasting the Mire's poison and amphibious theme. The Inferno is guaranteed to appear in the world, appearing on the side with the Dungeon and Snow Biome.

The Inferno contains many dangers in both Pre-Hardmode, Hardmode, and post-Moon Lord. In the center of the Inferno is a Volcano that leads to a cave with Dragon Eggs, which can be broken to obtain loot and summon the Broodmother. The player can easily die in the Volcano due to fall damage. The Inferno also contains the Inferno Altar, which is functionally identical to the Demon Altar. The Inferno also contains the Pagoda of the Rising Sun above the Volcano which can be used post-Equinox Worms to summon Akuma, Draconian Demon. Many enemies can also spawn in the Inferno, however they can only spawn during the day. If the player enters the Inferno during the night, they are inflicted with the Ash Rain debuff that deals damage over time to the player.

Upon world generation, the Inferno can extend into the Snow and Desert biomes. However, the Inferno cannot spread like the Corruption and the Crimson. However, once the Wall of Flesh is defeated the Inferno will expand. In Hardmode, the Inferno can be spread by the Clentaminator using Orange Solution. It can also be spread by using Inferno Seeds. The Inferno can be cleared by either using Order Solution or Moonpowder.


The Inferno
Characters Unique Drops


Ancients Awakened/Dragon ClawDragon Claw
Ancients Awakened/Flame BruteFlame Brute
Ancients Awakened/Infernal SlimeInfernal Slime
Ancients Awakened/SingemanderSingemander
Ancients Awakened/WyrmlingWyrmling
Ancients Awakened/The BroodmotherThe Broodmother(Boss)

After defeating Broodmother:

Ancients Awakened/Inferno TrencherInferno Trencher(With GRealm)

During Hardmode:

Ancients Awakened/Blaze PhoenixBlaze Phoenix

Underground Inferno (Hardmode):

Ancients Awakened/WyrmWyrm
Ancients Awakened/Chaotic DawnChaotic Dawn

Underground snow Inferno (Hardmode):

Ancients Awakened/PigronPigron

Post-Moon Lord:

Ancients Awakened/Ancient LungAncient Lung
Ancients Awakened/Akuma, Draconian DemonAkuma, Draconian Demon(Ancient Boss)

After defeating Akuma and Yamata:

Ancients Awakened/Shen DoragonShen Doragon(Superancient Boss)

Smashing a Chaos Altar:

Ancients Awakened/Chaos DragonChaos Dragon

From All Inferno Enemies:

Ancients Awakened/Dragon ScaleDragon Scale
Ancients Awakened/Soul of SmiteSoul of Smite(In Hardmode)

From Blaze Phoenix, and Wyrm:

Ancients Awakened/Dragon's FireDragon's Fire

From Chaotic Dawn:

Ancients Awakened/Blazing DawnBlazing Dawn

From Wyrm:

Soul of FlightSoul of Flight

From Ancient Lungs:

Ancients Awakened/Searing SparkSearing Spark

From Akuma:

Ancients Awakened/Crucible ScaleCrucible Scale

From Shen Doragon:

Ancients Awakened/Chaos ScaleChaos Scale

From The Environment:

Ancients Awakened/TorchstoneTorchstone
Ancients Awakened/Volcanic AshVolcanic Ash
Ancients Awakened/TorchiceTorchice
Ancients Awakened/TorchsandTorchsand
Ancients Awakened/Hardened TorchsandHardened Torchsand
Ancients Awakened/TorchsandstoneTorchsandstone
Ancients Awakened/RazewoodRazewood


  • The upcoming themes for the Inferno are Scorched Badland for daytime, Ember Storm for night-time, and Mantle for underground. all created by ProVISIO.
  • After defeating the Equinox Worms and the Sisters of Discord, the theme called Scorched Tower starts playing while in Pagoda of the Rising Sun, and after defeating Akuma, the theme changes to Sleeping Giant, which was composed by LCS.
    • Due to the remake of Sleeping Dragon not composed yet, Sleeping Giant was chosen to be played due to it being the only pre-Superancient theme implemented, until the corresponding theme will be released.
  • With the exception of the structure atop the volcano, The Inferno generates entirely without shaped tiles.
  • The Inferno will be receiving an overhaul in a future update.