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The Discordian Grips
Discordian Grips (Ancients Awakened).gif
AI TypeDiscordian Grips AI
Damage60 / 96 (Blazing Fury)
80 / 128 (Abyssal Wrath)
Max Life70,000 / 84,000 (Blazing Fury)
60,000 / 72,000 (Abyssal Wrath)
Defense60 (Blazing Fury)
50 (Abyssal Wrath)
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuffAncients Awakened/Dragon FireDragon Fire 100% chance
Debuff duration8 seconds
Debuff tooltipReduced damage output
Inflicts debuffAncients Awakened/HydratoxinHydratoxin 100% chance
Debuff duration8 seconds
Debuff tooltipThe longer it lasts, the more it festers and eats away

The Discordian Grips are Post-Moon Lord boss servant enemies that are spawned by Shen Doragon, Discordian Doomsayer. They consist of the Grip of Blazing Fury and the Grip of Abyssal Wrath.


The Discordian Grips behave similarly to The Grips of Chaos, but with an expanded repertoire of attacks. They follow a fixed attack pattern that they often perform in tandem.

Grip of Blazing Fury

  • Summons a line of fiery illusion Grips that block projectiles. After a delay, sends the line of Grips flying at the player.
  • Gathers fire in its claw before launching a fireball. The fireball emits three deathrays in a cone in front of it.
  • Charges at the player numerous times.

Grip of Abyssal Wrath

  • Summons a projectile-blocking ring of orbs around itself before charging at the player numerous times.
  • While charging, it will eventually fire the ring of orbs along with a larger central blast. This homes in on the player, exploding into two rings of bullets after a period of time.


  • The Discordian Grips are replicas of The Grips of Chaos created by Shen Doragon.
  • Prior the beta 0.7, they used to be bosses. Since then, they were replaced by Ashe and Haruka.
  • The facing of the discordian grips is reversed from The Grips of Chaos. Here, the inferno hand is facing left and the mire hand is facing right, for The Grips of Chaos, it's the opposite.
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