Superancients are post-Ancient bosses that are some of the biggest challenges in the mod. They cannot be fought without completing their storyline requirements. As of the 1.0 update, there is 1 Superancient (2 if you count Champ Rajah). There are 5 (6 if you count Champ Rajah) Superancients planned for the Ancients Awakened mod. All Superancients are fought at the same tier but require certain bosses to be defeated to be challenged, which are associated to Superancient storylines. Defeating Superancients will grant you EX Souls, which are used to upgrade certain weapons to their maximum potential. All the planned Superancients are each tied to a specific storyline of the mod's lore.

In Expert Mode, Superancients drop unique type of treasure bags called Treasure Caches, which look like treasure boxes with stylish appearances. They include the same loot as usual treasure bags do, as always.

List of Superancients

List of Superancients
Icon Name Biome Tier Storyline
Shen Doragon (Ancients Awakened).gif
Shen Doragon, Discordian Doomsayer Mire and Inferno Post-Yamata and Akuma Reign of Chaos


Shen Doragon, Discordian Doomsayer

Shen Doragon, Discordian Doomsayer requires these bosses to be defeated before he can be challenged:


  • Rajah Rabbit, Champion of the Innocent doesn't exactly count as a Superancient. He is on the same tier as them, but not one of them, due to him not having many characteristics of Superancients (new area music when fightable, tied to one of five storylines, etc.) His strength is high enough to match theirs, regardless.
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